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We found 2 nursing homes in Norlane :
Coasthaven Community
Description : Coasthaven Community Aged Care Facility offers residential aged care in Norlane. The community is relatively small, with 90 private rooms, and is divided into four small households to encourage social engagement. Coasthaven Community Aged Nursing Home is conveniently located near local shops and services, allowing residents to stay connected with the wider community. The lifestyle programmed at Coasthaven Community Aged Care Home offers a variety of activities to suit individual interests and abilities, including entertainment, social activities, and walks through the gardens Interested in FREE guidance? Contact CareAbout to connect with Coasthaven Community Aged Care Facility or to get a list of nearby Nursing Homes available in your area that are well-suited for your loved one's care needs. We look forward to supporting you!
Address : 45 Robin Ave, Norlane VIC 3214
Vonlea Manor
Description : Vonlea Manor Aged Care Facility is a 38 bed facility located in Norlane. Our facility provides a range of residential care and services to the community including high care and low care on a permanent or respite basis in a pleasant relaxing and home like environment surrounded by caring compassionate and friendly staff. At Vonlea Manor we pride ourselves on offering a modern light and relaxed home for all to enjoy. Our bedrooms are large and airy and within a secure environment. We offer seasonal menus with respect to choice and cultural needs designed by our dieticians and families. Our choice of meals will tempt the most discerning palate. At Vonlea Manor, the leisure and lifestyle program provides innovative creative interest-based programs for groups and individuals. Participation is of course, voluntary and most programs are open to those residents who choose to attend. Regular coach outings are planned, and included.
Address : 1-9 Moran Pl, Norlane VIC 3214
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  • Most people in Australia would prefer to stay in their own home than move into an Aged Care Home. The government supports both situations and is increasingly shifting funding to care at home.

  • We’re lucky that the government helps to fund the cost of aged care. Everyone over the age of 65 years is entitled to some help. And yes, everyone is expected to contribute to the cost of aged care.

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