CareAbout’s aged care home placement service allows you to access independent advice that ensures your needs are being met and your interests are at the forefront of consideration.  CareAbout’s Advocates are experienced aged care professionals who work for your family. Find out below about the service and how it works.

The five-step process

CareAbout’s advocacy service works the following way.

  1. Understands the needs of the care recipient

    Your Advocate will get a detailed understanding of your loved one. What are their needs, what do they want and what will make them happy and comfortable? Using this they will provide you a short-list of homes with vacancies.

  2. Explains the options in clear, easy-to-understand language

    Aged care is confusing! Your Advocate will help you compare services and facilities and explain your options in language you can understand.

  3. Tours homes with you

    Your Advocate will tour homes with you and your family and ask all the tricky questions you may not have considered. They can help you prepare a tailored checklist before you start your tours.  While it may be the first time you have entered the world of aged care homes, your Advocate has a great deal of experience and will ensure you get the answers you need.

  4. Helps negotiate the fees and save you money

    A CareAbout Advocate will negotiate the fees. Whether it’s the room rate or government fees, we routinely save customers thousands.

  5. Assists in the completion of paperwork

    And once you’ve made your choice, there’s the admissions, applications and required paperwork. An Advocate can’t complete the paperwork for you, but they can guide you through it.

Wouldn’t it be good to have an expert on your side who can provide independent advice that ensures your needs are being met and your interests are at the forefront of consideration?

What does the Advocacy service cost?

While most of CareAbout’s services are free to consumers, the Advocacy service incurs a fee. Get in touch with us to find out more about the cost of this service and how it works.

Why do I need an Advocate?

Not everyone needs an Advocate to help them find the right aged care home. But if you answer ‘Yes’ to one or more of the following questions, then you should at least consider it.

  • Is this the first time you have looked for an aged care home?
  • Are you confused about the types and amounts of fees charged by aged care homes?
  • Are you considering the need to sell the family home to enter an aged care home?
  • Have you spoken to aged care homes but received conflicting or unclear responses to your questions?
  • Do you want to make sure that you or your loved one receives the best quality care for their needs, within their budget?

Contact CareAbout for an obligation-free chat about how the Advocacy service can help you.

CareAbout: Your partner in care

Navigating the aged care system in Australia can appear daunting. But it’s not something you have to do alone. If you are about to embark on the search for an aged care home, get in touch with CareAbout and find out how the Advocacy service can help you. Remember, if we don’t save you at least the cost of our fee, we will refund it. What do you have to lose?