The decision to move into an aged care home is not an easy one. You may be deciding for yourself or for a loved one. It’s stressful and time consuming. At CareAbout, we specialise in ensuring people get the right care for their individual needs at an affordable price.

Considering home care

When you first contact CareAbout, we will find out as much as we can about your individual needs. It’s possible that the types of services you need at present can be met with home care – something that you did not realise.

Having care provided in one’s own home, at least for as long as possible, is as close to an ideal outcome as one can get. It’s the preferred option for most people, their families, and increasingly, the federal government. That’s why generous subsidies are available for home care. It’s also why you should seriously examine the possibility of home care before deciding on an aged care home.

Home care providers offer a range of services, some of which you may not have realised could be delivered at home. Most of these services are heavily subsidised. At CareAbout, we can help you determine whether home care is a viable alternative to an aged care home.

Understanding what’s what in aged care homes

Once it has been established that an aged care home is your best option, we will go through the different types of aged care homes, so that you don’t waste time looking at homes that are unsuitable from the outset.

For example, there are four types of aged care homes in Australia that offer:

  • Residential aged care
  • Respite care
  • Dementia care
  • Palliative care.

It may appear clear to you as to which is most appropriate but where does someone with dementia go? To a normal residential aged care home or to one that specialises in dementia care? CareAbout can guide you through those sorts of issues.

At CareAbout, we specialise in ensuring people get the right care for their individual needs at an affordable price. You may not be emotionally or even practically prepared for what’s ahead … CareAbout can help you to find the right aged care home.

Creating a checklist

Once we have determined what you need, we can help you create a checklist of questions to ask and things to look for when searching for the right aged care home. Here is a starting point of 10 things to ask about care and services:

  1. What sort of room do I get for my money?
  2. Are there rules regarding visitors?
  3. What is the staff to resident ratio for each shift?
  4. Can I have a pet live with me?
  5. Does the home have carers who can speak my language and/or a philosophy and carers who understand and support my cultural and religious preferences?
  6. What sort of activities are available?
  7. What food options are available?
  8. How often is the laundry done? How often are rooms cleaned? How often is rubbish disposed?
  9. Can my own GP visit me?
  10. Will I have ready access to mobility aids and other equipment?

Of course, we can then carry out the search for you and identify the best matches for your needs in your area.

Advocacy service

While most of CareAbout’s services are free to consumers, we do have one very valuable service that incurs a fee. This is our Advocacy service in which we act with you, and on your behalf, throughout the entire process of choosing an aged care home.

CareAbout advocates work to get the best outcome for you or your loved one by:

  • acting as an independent expert working on behalf of your family
  • guiding you through the confusing maze of aged care
  • touring homes with you
  • negotiating fees on your behalf
  • assisting in the completion of paperwork.

CareAbout: Your partner in care

Navigating the aged care system in Australia can appear daunting. But it’s not something you have to do alone.CareAbout Advocates are experienced professionals who work for your family. If you are about to embark on the search for an aged care home, get in touch with CareAbout and find out how we can help.