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How CareAbout can help you with Aged Care fees

There are so many options around aged care. Aged care providers are happy to answer many of your questions directly but they may be a little less forthcoming when it comes to discussing financial issues. This is where independent advice can be invaluable. CareAbout are an independent partner who can provide advice and help you navigate your way through the aged care system.
Aged Care Information

Aged Care Home costs and fees explained

As soon as you start researching aged care home options one thing becomes very clear: not all Aged Care Homes are equal. Not only do they offer different levels of accommodation and service, the fees can vary dramatically. This article will help you understand more about the costs and fees involved in entering an aged care home but if you still have questions or want to discuss your personal circumstances, contact CareAbout.
Aged Care Information
5 Ways to Stay in Your Home Longer | CareAbout | Home Care

Your Guide to Government Funding

The Commonwealth Home Support Programme provides a small amount of funding. It helps older people live at home. You may be eligible if you are:…

Aged Care Information

Aged Care Home Fees

Aged care home fees Fees can vary greatly in amount from one provider to another. There are three main types of fees: Daily care fee:…

Aged Care Information
How to choose and Aged Care Home

How to choose an Aged Care Provider

Not all aged care providers are equal It’s important to consider your needs before you go too deep into your research because not all aged…

Aged Care Information
How to Decide on The Best Aged Care Support | CareAbout | Aged Care Information

How to decide on the best aged care support

Everyone’s needs are different The federal government, state governments and aged care sector recognise that a one-model fix-all approach will not work. Indeed, the past…

Aged Care Information
Let us help you find the right Aged Care Home for you
Understand your care needs
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Negotiate Aged Care Fees
Understanding Aged Care Fees | CareAbout | Aged Care Costs & Fees

Understanding aged care fees

About government subsidies The federal government subsidises many aged care services in order to keep costs as affordable as possible. The costs vary depending on…

Aged Care Information
A senior couple looking out over a mountain range

Aged Care in Australia

Help in your own home As people age or suffer from conditions such as dementia, familiarity becomes more and more important to them, particularly as…

Aged Care Information
Considering an Aged Care Home? | CareAbout | Aged Care Homes

Considering an Aged Care Home?

Is home care an option? Having care provided in one’s own home, at least for as long as possible, is as close to an ideal…

Aged Care Information
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Aged Care home placement services

The five-step process CareAbout’s advocacy service works the following way. Understands the needs of the care recipient Your Advocate will get a detailed understanding of…

Aged Care Information

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