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10 questions to ask a Home Care Provider

10 Questions to Ask a Home Care Provider | CareAbout | Home Care

Trying to choose the right Care at Home provider for you or your loved one can be overwhelming. At first, it can be difficult to tell the difference between providers, and the value and care they provide.
To help you decide, here are ten questions you can ask potential providers to see if they are right for you.

What do you value?

How organisations present themselves online or in brochures can tell you a lot about the importance an organisation places on their customers’ quality of life and individual differences.

How long have you been in business?

How long an organisation has been in business does not necessarily equate to the quality of care. New organisations might realise the importance of focussing on customers, while others may have become complacent. However, longevity does reflect on the stability of the company. Regardless, make sure they are accredited and with no sanctions.

Do you directly employ staff or rely on contract workers?

Directly employing carers may result in greater consistency of training and conditions. Agencies who employ contract workers can provide a wide range of carers. However, ensure all carers are insured by the provider and ask about your personal liability

Do you conduct a home visit before starting the service?

Customer and family members should discuss the kind of care needed with a Care specialist. This will help you determine if a provider can meet your specific needs. Look for an organisation that includes a home visit as part of their aged care services or will rebate part of the fee if you become a customer.

What qualifications, experience and training do carers have?

Find out if carers’ credentials are investigated and undergo a thorough, professional testing and screening process? Ask what ongoing training is provided. And how often police checks are reviewed.

Will you involve me and my loved ones in decisions about my Care?

All aged care providers have a legal responsibility to involve you and your loved ones in deciding what care will meet your needs. Your Care needs to be tailored to you – your preferences, needs and goals.

Will you ensure there is a good match between me and my carer?

You may have special needs to consider (cultural, religious, or language). Find out if the provider can match you with someone who understands your needs.

Ask what the complaints process is if you’re unhappy with your carer.

Will I receive Care from the same people?

It is difficult to receive good care if different people show up every week, this can be particularly unsettling for people with dementia. A good home care provider will be concerned with continuity of care.

Where can I access reviews or testimonials from your customers?

Review testimonials and see what customers say. A good provider prides itself on positive feedback and will make this freely available.

How much should you pay for Care?

To be able to compare aged care cost of different providers look closely and understand the fee structures – providers differ in the way they charge customers.

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