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Finding a Quality Care at Home Provider – Checklist

Finding a Quality Care at Home Provider – Checklist | CareAbout | Ageing Health

Let’s face it, the goal for most of us is to live independently in our own home for as long as possible! In many cases, getting help with daily tasks or specialist nursing care can make the difference between staying in our own homes or moving into Residential Care. Therefore, choosing the right home care provider for you is vital!

All Home Care Providers must be accredited and operate under the Charter of Care Recipients’ Rights and Responsibilities for Home Care.However, it pays to research a number of aged care providers to compare and contrast their aged care services and find the one that best matches your needs and preferences.

Use the following checklist to help simplify your search and check that the care provider is right for you:


  • The provider is accredited and has no infringements (no open complaints being investigated).
  • The provider openly publishes information about their organisation, values and experience.
  • All my care needs can be met by the one provider. (eg. general help, home maintenance and safety and specialist services).
  • My loved ones and I will be involved in developing the care plan, and kept informed and involved if there are any changes.
  • The provider will help me set and achieve my goals as part of the care plan. (eg. Increase my mobility).
  • I can access government subsidised home care if I am eligible.
  • Training and processes are in place when caring for special needs such as dementia, cognitive impairment or mental illness.
  • Periodic reviews would be conducted of my care plan.
  • A supervisor oversees the quality of care that customers are receiving.
  • A clear process exists for handling complaints.
  • Procedures are in place to handle emergencies.
  • I can read reviews or testimonials attesting to the satisfaction of existing customers.
  • I understand the schedule of fees, including any set up or exit fees charged. (The schedule of fees outlines the different rates for general versus specialist or nursing staff, showing rates by day and time of day)


  • How does the Provider select and train its employees? (Background checks are conducted. Minimum qualifications are required.)
  • Careful consideration is given to the match between customers and carers. (My interests are considered. I can request to change my carer.)
  • I will have the same carer where possible.
  • Any special needs or personal preferences can be met. (e.g. language or cultural preferences).
  • A case manager is appointed to me.
  • My carer will turn up on time.
  • Carers are flexible in the work they do. (The carer will hang out the washing or read me a book if time permits)

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