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5 things you can spend your Home Care Package on

5 Things You can Spend Your Home Care Package on | CareAbout | Home Care

The weather has turned, the birds are back and all of a sudden the windows look really dirty. But if you’re not up for hauling around buckets of water and window squeegees what can you do?

If you’ve got a Home Care Package you can choose to spend your funds on lots of different types of supports – including having your windows cleaned. And many other things you may not have thought of.

Here’s 5 things you can spend your Home Care Package on to give you the confidence to stay at home and see out of your windows!

  1. Purchase an iPad and get lessons on how to use it. Yes! You can use your Home Care Package to buy technology that helps you stay connected to your community and improves your wellbeing. So if you’ve got family far away you can use FaceTime or Skype to talk to them. If you can’t get out to a doctor you can access services to talk to a doctor via your iPad. And if you need help on how to use it – you can have that, too.
  2. Have someone prepare your favourite meals. You can use your Home Care Package to have someone prepare all of your favourite meals so you can eat what you want, when you want. And all in your own home!
  3. Get your gutters cleaned. Spring is a rainy season and often there’s a build-up of leaves in your gutters. To avoid clogged gutters and potential leaks you can ask your care provider to arrange the cleaning of your gutters so your feet stay safely on the ground, not up a ladder.
  4. Spend some time with a friendly face. There are times when it can be lonely and isolating at home. You may wish to have a cuppa with someone and chat about life or have someone read to you or even do a puzzle with you. All of these things can be covered by your Home Care Package.
  5. And finally, yes, you can get your windows cleaned! Cleaning your windows is a painful job and you can choose to spend your Home Care Package on cleaning your windows so you can enjoy being where you’re most comfortable – at home.

If you’re not getting the attention and service you want from your Home Care provider call CareAbout and we can talk you through your options 1300 536 707


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