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Want to stay at home? Home Care Packages demystified

Want to Stay at Home? Home Care Packages Demystified | CareAbout | Home Care Package

If you’d like to remain at home for the rest of your life and never have to move into an Aged Care Home – you’re not alone. Nearly 90 percent of all Australians feel the same way! The good news is that the government wants this too, and is providing subsidised home care packages to help you stay at your favourite place – home.

It’s little known that more than one million Australians access some sort of support to remain living in their own home. Home Care, as its commonly known, is designed to help you stay where you love. It brings the help you need to your own front door so you can live life – just the way you like.

Home Care Packages – ready for you

To support Home Care, the government provides varying home care packages depending on your care needs and financial situation. There are four levels of packages, ranging from basic to high care needs with different subsidy amounts granted for each (Level 1 being the lowest).

Nearly 90% of all Australians want to remain at home for the rest of their lives.

 What subsidies and help can you get?

These are the different levels of government subsidies you may be able to access; and the approximate amount of hours of care in the home they can equate to each week.

  • Level 1 – basic care needs – $8k approximately per year. About 2-3 hours of Care at Home per week.
  • Level 2  – low-level care needs – $14k approximately  per year. About 3-4 hours of Care at Home per week.
  • Level 3  – intermediate care needs   $32k approximately per year. About 7-9 hours per week of Care at Home per week.
  • Level 4   – high-level care needs –  $49k approximately per year. About 10-13 hours per week of Care at Home per year. *
(*These amounts can change depending on government reviews).

What do I have to pay?

Home care packages only subsidise part of the cost of the aged care services, and where possible, the government expects you to contribute as well. You may need to pay the provider a basic daily fee and an income-tested care fee.

How much you have to pay depends on your individual financial circumstance and is arranged with you before starting the service.

What can I spend it on?

You can spend your Home Care Package on almost any service that will help you stay at home longer whether it be cleaning gutters in preparation for winter, transport to and from appointments or social outings, home modifications, or nursing care.

So how do I get a Home Care Package?

Everyone over the age of 65 years with a Medicare Card can apply for a Home Care Package. You can either apply through Centrelink or get someone to apply on your behalf. This process can take up to 6 months or as little as one week.

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