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Top 3 take-away’s from the latest NDIS report

The National Disability Insurance Agency has recently released more information about how the NDIS is working (or not working!). Buried in the detail are some very important items that NDIS participants and families should keep in mind when using their NDIS plans each year.


Yes – we can help find you NDIS services!

Many people contact us to guide them through Aged Care. Aged Care options can be confusing and overwhelming to try to find the right types of care for you or your loved one. We’ve helped over 40,000 people with their Aged Care options and we absolutely love what we do. What many people don’t know is we also help people find the right NDIS supports for their needs!


2019 NDIS – is this your year?

Well it’s a new year, with a whole set of new opportunities waiting for us all. If you have been thinking about what may be possible this year, or are still deciding, CareAbout is here to help you step confidently into 2019.


NDIS holiday season

With the holiday season upon us, we take a look at holiday options and the NDIS.


Chromosomal and genetic disorders and the NDIS

Rare conditions are those which occur in 1 in 10,000 or less of the population. Unlike more commonly recognised disabilities, often the symptoms only get recognised by parents, and are then confirmed through genetic testing.

The People’s Guide to Home Care
Download this invaluable guide to give you confidence in your Home Care choices.
NDIS Off to a Flying Start For CareAbout | CareAbout | NDIS

NDIS off to a flying start for CareAbout

CareAbout has now officially launched our NDIS offering, including our updated website, and team of NDIS experts now in place and talking to you about…

Not all disabilities are visible

Dementia and the NDIS

When it comes to dementia and the National Disability Insurance Scheme, there are some ‘must knows’ for both participants and providers. People with early onset dementia are not automatically accepted to the NDIS. In terms of disability, a person needs to prove their condition is both permanent and substantially impacts their functioning. Read on to find out more.

Picture of a glass of water

NDIS utilisation – is the glass half-full, or half-empty?

The phrase, “Is the glass half-full, or half-empty?” is extremely relevant when we think about the NDIS. The NDIS has been up and running for…

What Other Schemes Support People Who Acquire a Disability? | CareAbout | NDIS

What other schemes support people who acquire a disability?

In addition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme, there are a number of other government-backed programs that support people who acquire a disability in an…


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