Trouble sleeping? You’re not alone!

Do you have difficulty sleeping? It’s a common problem as you age, with almost 50% of older adults experiencing insomnia. Poor quality and/or quantity of…

Senior man stretched out on a park bench with hands behind his head

Father’s Day gift ideas in 2020

Father’s Day will look a little different this year. Coronavirus has interrupted our regular lives and we’re all still trying to find our feet in…

Multi-generational family

The sandwich generation; greater challenges during COVID

Are you in the sandwich generation? This term was coined to describe those who are ‘sandwiched’ between two generations and are caring for ageing parents…

Senior woman in pink pajamas and a pink bunny face mask

Mother’s Day looks a little different this year

It is tradition for me to take my Mum out for a decadent lunch every Mother’s Day. It’s something we look forward to for months…

Happy older couple with hula hoops on the beach

Active ageing – exercise as medicine!

Staying active may add years to your life – or life to your years. If you are able to stay active and maintain good fitness,…

The People’s Guide to Home Care
Download this invaluable guide to give you confidence in your Home Care choices.
French bulldog puppy sitting in a Santa hat

Don’t sweat the small stuff this holiday season!

We all know that when families get together there can be tension. Adults in their 50s all of a sudden revert to their childhood pecking…

Elderly man dressed in Santa costume

Don’t know what to give the grandkids this holiday season?

At CareAbout, we’re thinking about gift-giving a little differently this year! As each new generation emerges, we’re losing more and more of the practical skills…

Elderly woman staring longingly out a window

Preventing loneliness and isolation as you age

Loneliness isn’t something we talk about very openly, but it is an issue facing a huge number of older Australians. Loneliness is a growing public…

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