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CareAbout 2nd birthday

CareAbout turns 2, helping over 40,000 people!

A second birthday is often a time when parents hold their breath, squirming with anticipation of the “terrible two’s” behavior that’s around the corner. Thankfully at CareAbout, this couldn’t be further from the truth. CareAbout’s second birthday was a fantastic day of celebration, where the company took time to delight in and reflect upon the thousands of people it has helped in such a short time.

Home Care Subsidies You Can Access Now | CareAbout | Home Care Package

Home Care subsidies you can access now

The government Home Care Package program is a fantastic initiative. However, waiting more than 12 months to get some help is not so great. So what can…

Home safety - yellow country house with porch

Home safety comes first – when prevention is much better than a cure

The wrong time on the wall clock in the living room was deeply frustrating. It had been like that since Daylight Savings – one hour…

How Safe is Your Loved One? | CareAbout | Home Care

How safe is your loved one?

Is your loved one living at home alone? Use our home safety and wellbeing checklist to see if they need extra support. Are you worried…

More Bang for your Buck | CareAbout | Aged Care Planning & Advice

More Bang for your Buck

In-home care: How to Get More Bang for your Buck It’s about to get really interesting in aged care. Really! In the next few weeks,…

The People’s Guide to Home Care
Download this invaluable guide to give you confidence in your Home Care choices.
5 Ways to Stay in Your Home Longer | CareAbout | Home Care

5 Ways to Stay in Your Home Longer

Whether you’re 18 or 88 one thing is certain – we are all getting older! Where we can take control and make a big difference is how we adapt and prepare for it. Most of us would like to grow old in our own home. Thankfully this is what our government would like for us to do too. So what steps can we take to keep this independence for as long as we can?

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