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Our top 5 Christmas gifts for your loved ones

Giving is a great feeling and the best thing about this time of year. However choosing a present can be hard and it’s even harder when you’re thinking about an older loved one who may simply have it all. Here’s our top 5 Christmas gifts to inspire your shopping.

Present wrapped in white speckled paper with pinecone and pine needle decoration

1.     House plants

House plants are a wonderful gift and certainly our number one present for an older person. House plants improve the quality of air and give a freshness to an environment. Studies have shown that plants also lead to a greater sense of wellbeing and connection to the environment. They are calming, reassuring and provide purpose – you need to feed and water them to keep them alive!

We wrote an article on what plants work well inside which you can read here but if you want a sure thing go with a Devils Ivy. Beware! The Devils Ivy flourishes in most spots and it’s a trailer so be prepared for daily growth!

2.     Windows cleaned

As the bright sunshine of Summer warms us all up, it also highlights dirty windows. At the start of Summer when the ground hasn’t dried out it can be lovely to look out onto the garden. However smeared and blurry windows can mar the view. No-one enjoys cleaning windows and it can be a physically demanding job so giving someone a voucher for window cleaning or simply arranging it for them is a great gift and can improve the view!

3.     Fresh towels

As you get older it’s harder to get rid of things. A lot of older people grew up in a time when you didn’t replace things like towels and sheets. You darned them and kept using them. Old towels can become scratchy and harder to dry. Fresh towels are a lovely present. Think carefully about the colour and pattern though, as more modern colours and pattern may not appeal. A good way to choose is to look at their bathroom and match accordingly.

4.     Audio book

‘Talking books’ are a great way to provide entertainment for someone living alone who may find it difficult to read for long periods of time. If you’re loved one hasn’t tried an audio book now is the time. Set it all up for them and leave some simply Step by Step instructions.

5.     Time

It’s true. The best gift you can give to someone is time. Time disconnected from devices, electronics and work. Kids may also be a bit of a distraction – depending on their age. Older people love to see kids but make sure you’ve prepared your kids before the visit. Take a favourite (non-electronic) game or puzzle and make sure they understand the rules and expectations of the home they are visiting. Running around may be a no-no and there may be some ‘look but don’t touch’ valuables at a little person height to be aware of.

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