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Top Aussie disability groups to follow on Facebook

Communities and groups are a great way to share your own experiences and hear about other’s, as well as gather tips and advice from people who have already been through similar situations to you.

While Facebook has had its fair share of negative press, Facebook Groups can be worth their weight in gold. They are generally a safe environment where you connect with similar people and share your thoughts and worries without fear of judgement.

Talking to people who you have something in common with can be incredibly helpful and can make you feel at ease, comforted, less isolated and like you’re part of a community.

Here are our top 10 disability Facebook Groups in Australia

1. Voices of the NDIS

The Voices of the NDIS group is a public, open forum for people to discuss anything at all related to the NDIS. People regularly share helpful information on NDIS processes and tips on how to navigate certain parts of it.

If you are a current NDIS participant, or you’re looking to apply for the NDIS, this group can be a good place to ask any questions you may have, or read about the experiences of others.

2. NDIS Discussion Australia

The NDIS Discussions Australia group is a blend of people with disability, their carers, friends and family, as well as support workers and NDIS providers.

With such a mix of people involved in the disability community, this is a great place to learn about the thoughts and experiences of people from every NDIS perspective.

Discussions are not restricted to the NDIS, and broader topics affecting people with disability are welcomed. Support, human connection and advocacy are a strong motivator for this group.

3. NDIS Community

This NDIS Community group has a strong focus on women with disability, giving them a voice and promoting equality. It is lead by passionate disability activists, researchers, academics, parents and people with disabilities, who aim to reflect the integrity of the NDIS.

This group is a great one for fact-checking and dispelling rumours, as the Admins of the group all work in the NDIS and disability sector.

4. Disability and Special Needs Equipment Australia (Bye, Swap, Sell)

Disability-related equipment can be very expensive and often inaffordable for many people. Thankfully, the Disability and Special Needs Equipment swap and sell group is a fantastic place to find cost-effective (and even free!) second-hand aids and equipment.

5. Intellectual Disability Support Australia

The Intellectual Disability Support Australia Facebook Group is a warm and caring support page for people with Intellectual Disabilities or people who care for someone with Intellectual Disabilities.

Living with, or caring for someone who is living with an Intellectual Disability has unique challenges and this group will give you a forum to share and learn from others who are likely to have faced the same challenges as you.

6. Women with Disabilities Australia Community

The Women with Disabilities Australia Community group is a warm and friendly space for women and girls (aged 15 years and above) with disability to share ideas, questions and experiences about living in Australia with disability.

The group Admins are very active and share lots of great information that they think will interest their followers. Members are encouraged to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences in a judgment-free, safe and supportive environment.

7. Physical Disability Australia Discussion Group

Thi Physical Disability Australia Discussion group is run by Physical Disability Australia (PDA) and encourages discussion about issues affecting people living with a physical disability in Australia.

8. Disability Discrimination Australia

The Disability Discrimination Australia Group gives Australians affected by disability (i.e. those with a disability and their carers, parents, friends, etc.) a forum to identify, report, discuss/debate, learn about and ultimately stop disability discrimination.

Their core agenda is to: “identify generic strategies for combatting disability discrimination, and provide a medium for collaboration and organising.”

9. Australia Disability Arts Community

If you’re an artist living with disability, this group is a great one for you! Though it is just for disabled artists themselves, not for the carers, family or friends of the artist.

The Australian Disability Arts Community Facebook group is for artists in all types of art forms – visual art, sculpture, performance, writing, music, theatre, film and television, dance, fashion design etc., and is a safe space to share your artwork with peers – and potentially find new work opportunities!

10. Disability and Carer Discussion Australia

The Disability and Carer Discussion Australia Group is a great one for people who are caring for someone who has a disability. Being a carer often means that you set aside your own needs to ensure that you are meeting the needs of the person you are caring for. This can have a huge physical and emotional toll, and can often leave you feeling alone and isolated.

This group connects you to other carers who are feeling and experiencing all of the things you are. It’s a safe and judgement-free environment where you can express yourself, get advice and find support.

How to join a private Facebook Group

Private, or closed groups on Facebook are ones that you need to request to join. Once you click the “Join Group” button on the Group’s Facebook page, it’s likely that you will be asked a few qualifying questions (but not always). The questions usually are in place to make sure you are genuinely interested in the group, rather than being there for advertising, marketing or trolling reasons.

To join, search for the group you’re looking for, navigate to their Page and click the “Join Group” button directly underneath the Page’s cover photo. If they have qualification questions, answer them honestly and then click “Submit”. It may take a day or two for the administrator of the Group to grant you access.

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