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What a new government means for your Aged Care

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Australia, we have a new Prime Minister and a new Labor Government. But what does a new government mean for your Aged Care? Is it a good thing, or does it mean your services or wait times could be negatively impacted? Let’s dive in and unpack it!

Australia’s 31st Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese has been sworn in and has promised to lead a Government that brings people together and makes Australia proud. Will this be the case for people over 65 and in our Aged Care communities and workforce?

If we go back to the start of the campaign when the Australia Labor Party outlined their budget reply, Aged Care was deemed a high priority – great news!

Mr Albanese announced a five-point plan to improve the system if elected. These five key points are:

  • A registered nurse will be required on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in residential aged care
  • Give carers more time to care through an increase to 215 minutes of direct care a day
  • Formally support a pay rise for aged care workers
  • Require better food for residents
  • Require more transparency in the system so we know taxpayers’ money is going on care

The full media release can be read here.

Aged care workers

Much of the Labor Government’s plan is focused on increasing the wage of aged care workers, suggesting that the current $22 an hour is driving people away from the workforce. At present, there is a significant workforce shortage in the sector, which is leading to longer wait times for home care services and extreme difficulty for aged care providers to deliver consistent and reliable care.

By improving the wage and conditions for aged care workers, it would be expected that the quality and the availability of care will improve, leading to better care for more of our vulnerable ageing Aussies.

Home Care

Home Care administration and management fees are also likely to see a cap introduced by the Labor Government to ensure that the fees paid are going directly to care.

This will mean home care users can be confident their money is going directly to care – not not management bonuses, new office fit outs or glossy marketing schemes.

Quote attributable to Anthony Albanese, Leader of the Australian Labor Party

Tough penalties for ‘dodgy’ Aged Care providers

The insights provided by the Royal Commission into Aged Care uncovered stories of extreme neglect and mistreatment of residents in Aged Care Homes. Mr. Albanese has vowed to impose severe penalties on any aged care provider who is found to be causing harm or covering up neglect of older Australians.


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