How many hours in a Level 2 Home Care Package?

There are a number of variables that affect the number of hours of care you could receive as part of your Home Care Package. The four different levels of Home Care Packages are each designed for a specific level of care, and each has a different maximum government contribution amount attached. The government contribution is paid directly to your chosen Home Care service provider, who may deduct administration and case management fees from it. In addition to this, you may also be asked to pay a basic daily fee and an income-tested fee. The final variable that will influence how many hours of care you can receive is the hourly rate charged by your chosen Home Care service provider.

Home Care Package Level Type of Care Needed Maximum Yearly Government Contribution 1 Approximate Number of Hours of Home Care 2
Level 1 Basic Care up to $10,271 2-3 hours per week
Level 2 Low-Level Care up to $18,064 4-5 hours per week
Level 3 Intermediate Care up to $39,311 9-10 hours per week
Level 4 High-Level Care up to $59,594 14-15 hours per week
1 Amounts indicated are the maximum contribution for 2023 for each level
2 These figures are only meant to give some indication of the number of hours of care you could receive per week. They do not represent guaranteed minimum or maximum hours.


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