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What is a Residential Aged Care Facility?

A Residential Aged Care Facility is a Nursing Home or an Aged Care Home. It’s just a different way some people  talk  about Aged Care Homes – somewhere where there’s help all the time.

If you need help finding the right Residential Aged Care Facility or understanding their fees and services give us a call.

Are there private Aged Care Homes?

Yes, these are called Supported Residential Services. They don’t receive government subsidies so they’re funded in full by residents’ fees.

Residents may still be able to access some government help if they’re in a Supported Residential Service. Speak to CareAbout about your unique situation.

What are Supported Residential Services?

Supported Residential Services are private Aged Care Homes. Supported Residential Services don’t receive government subsidies.

Many people find they need help finding the right care options for their specific circumstances. If you need help CareAbout can help.

What to look for in an Aged Care Home?

There’s loads to consider in choosing an Aged Care Home. The area, the services, the price of the room! CareAbout can connect you with experts who can tour homes with you and help you to find the right match.

Read more on What to look for in an Aged Care Home here.

Fees for Aged Care Homes

Like Care at Home there’s different fees at different homes and different fees depending on your unique situation. It’s a bit confusing.

In short there’s three ways to pay for your room.

  1. A Refundable Accommodation Payment or RAD – which is like a bond.
  2. A Daily Accommodation Payment or DAP – which is an interest rate paid daily.
  3. Or a combination of both a Refundable Accommodation Payment and a Daily Accommodation Payment.

Yes, it’s confusing. So if you’re unsure of how much you can afford or the best way to pay for an Aged Care Home speak to a professional. CareAbout can talk you through the options and connect your with an expert who can estimate your fees and even give you advice on how to structure your finances to make the most of government subsidies.

Read about the costs in our article Aged Care Costs 101.

How do I work out my Means Tested Fee?

In addition to the bond or daily accommodation fee you also have to pay a Means Tested Fee. Centrelink works out how much you need to pay. You can access the means tested fee at Centrelink here.

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