After you’ve applied for a Home Care Package and have had an ACAT Assessment, there are several letters from My Aged Care in your future. These letters can sometimes cause confusion as there are a few different terms used to denote your status.

The first letter will be to let you know that you’ve been “approved” for a Home Care Package. This does not mean that you are able to access or use the Package funds right away. You will have a period of waiting before you actually receive your Home Care Package and can start having your Home Care services delivered.

The “1-3 month letter”

A few months after this first approval notice, you’ll receive a second letter telling you that you’ve moved up in the queue and you now only have a further 1-3 months of waiting before you’ll get your hands on the Home Care Package. This is great news! Your Home Care is so close now! Once you have this second letter, it can be hard to predict when you’ll actually have your Home Care Package.

The wait times vary a lot between customers and depending on the number of people currently waiting for Home Care. You could be waiting just a few weeks, or you could actually be waiting for more than the suggested three months. Either way, it’s a relief to know that it won’t be too far away, and it’s a good time to start preparing for your Home Care.

If you are already receiving some basic council services through the Commonwealth Home Support Program, it may seem simplest to remain with that provider once you receive your Home Care Package funding. However, this isn’t always the best option for you.

Find out more about the different letters from My Aged Care.

Why you should compare different providers

  • There are A LOT of Home Care providers in Australia, and they’re all different: finding one that’s right for you will make a big difference 
  • Comparing fees is a good idea – none of the providers we work with charge Daily Fees or Exit Fees
  • CHSP providers are often stretched very thin and have ongoing staff shortages, which means you may face cancellations, different workers every week, or a lack of service options
  • Staff training and qualifications differ greatly between providers. You want to make sure you’re choosing a provider who prioritises quality and ongoing staff development
  • The types of services also vary a lot. Some providers are only able to offer a few core services, while others will have a much larger range of services such as hydrotherapy….?
  • Tailored care plans are important and some providers excel in this area while others don’t. Having a personalised care plan that is reviewed and adjusted regularly will mean that your home care is always meeting your current needs.
  • It’s your choice! Home Care Packages were implemented to give customers complete choice and control. In the past, you had no option other than to receive services through your local council. 
  • Access to brokered services if you want them. Some providers will happily find the services you want even if they don’t deliver them themselves. This means that you’ll have access to an even bigger range of services

If you’re considering staying with your current CHSP provider once you have your Home Care Package, why not give us a call and see if there is a better option for you?

Our service is completely FREE and we won’t try and recommend a provider to you if we don’t think it will be a better match than the one you’re currently considering. Our goal at CareAbout is simply to find you a quality provider who will meet all of your wants and needs.

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