Australians are losing up to half of their Home Care Package in admin fees! 

Australians are getting ripped off by some Home Care Package providers and are losing up to 50% of their government subsidies in fees.

Why are Australians getting ripped off? 

Home Care providers can charge administration fees to customers to cover the cost of running their business and there is no regulation of how much they can charge. 

Recent deregulation has brought a number of benefits to the industry like more competition and greater flexibility for consumers and has also made fees more transparent.  Many providers charge exorbitant fees to manage your Home Care Package and many don’t.  You now get to choose your provider and how much you pay in fees. 

How can you ensure you are paying a fair fee? 

The best way to ensure you are paying a fair fee, and that you are getting a quality provider is to contact  CareAbout on 1300 721 855. Depending on where you live and your health needs, CareAbout can help you to review your existing Home Care Package provider, and match you with one of their quality, fair-fee care provider partners.

Interested in reviewing your Home Care Package Provider?  Here is what to do! 

  • Step 1: Click on the button below.
  • Step 2: Answer a few questions about your needs so we know how we can help you
  • Step 3: CareAbout will review your existing Home Care provider and let you know if there are ways to get you a better deal.

Don’t forget! You have the power to change Home Care package provider if you are not happy with the one you have. CareAbout can help you through this process and find a Home Care provider better suited to your needs.  If you need urgent assistance, call CareAbout on 1300 721 855