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Home Care Fees & Charges

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Home Care Costs and fees explained

The Australian Home Care system puts money and power into your hands. This is obviously good news but it means that you need to understand the costs and fees involved in Home Care. After all, the less you pay in fees, the more you have left over for your care. Though you also want to make sure you get the services you need.
Home Care Fees & Charges
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How CareAbout can help you access Home Care

CareAbout takes the emotion out of choosing a home care provider by explaining your options simply and clearly, identifying what your needs are, and finding the right home care provider for those needs and your budget. We assist you in comparing price, features and services so you can be confident you’re making the right choice in choosing a Home Care provider.
Home Care Fees & Charges
Privately Funded In-home Care | CareAbout | Home Care

Privately funded in-home care

Being able to continue living at home is one of the most important and challenging things many older Australians and their families make decisions about…

Home Care Fees & Charges
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Understanding aged care fees

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Home Care Fees & Charges
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4 Steps to accessing a Home Care Package

4 Steps to accessing Government Funding A Home Care Package is a financial package provided by the federal government. They are designed to make it…

Home Care Fees & Charges
Switch home care providers

How to switch your Home Care Provider

Step 1: Find a new Home Care provider To switch Home Care providers, do not cancel your existing provider until you have found a new…

Home Care Fees & Charges
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