As a NDIS participant, understanding what supports are available to you through your package and how to access funding can be confusing.

The NDIS takes a goals-based approach when it comes to funding so it’s important to be clear about your own objectives and what support you need to achieve them.

To make it a little simpler, the different types of funding available under the NDIS are classified under three support purpose categories, with each funding different activities and services related to your goals.

These three broad categories are referred to as Core, Capital and Capacity Building. You are assigned a budget under each category – you may only have budget for one of these categories, or all three.

Core Supports

Core supports are essentially products or services designed to help you carry out daily tasks that will enable you to live as independently as possible and be an active participant in your community.

Under this core category, there are four sub-categories, representing the different activities and services you can use your NDIS funding to pay for.

These sub-categories are Assistance with daily life, Transport, Consumables, and Assistance with social and community participation.

Assistance With Daily Life

Support under this category aims to empower you to make decisions about how to manage your home and living arrangements. This could include helping you with cooking, cleaning and general household management or assisting you with personal care.


This category of the NDIS Core Supports helps cover transport costs associated with activities such as getting to and from school or other education programs, work and participating in other community or recreational activities.


This category covers items you may need and use on a continuing daily basis. Examples include continence products or nutritional supplements and low-cost technology/equipment you need to improve your independence and mobility.

Learn more about what’s included in the NDIS consumables category.

Assistance With Social and Community Participation

This category is designed to support you and enable you to participate in activities or courses that help you socialise and connect with others. Examples include things such as art classes, sport coaching and holiday camps (for children) that have capacity building, mentoring, peer support or an individual skills development component.

Choice And Flexibility

Funding for Core Supports is provided as a single lump sum, however, budgets are flexible across the four categories. This means you can choose how to spend your funding, as long as it used to pay for an item that falls under the category.  This means you can’t use the funding for an item that falls under another category.

How much or little you choose to spend under each of the four sub-categories is up to you and you have complete control over your budget. For example, you may choose to spend all your budget on assistance with daily living or allocate certain portions of it to paying for consumables and transport. You also have the option of setting aside funds for a specific purpose, such as additional transport needs.

Because the NDIS is designed to be flexible, as your needs or circumstances change, you can reduce the amount you spend under each category accordingly. For example, you may decide to reduce the amount of one-on-one support you receive getting ready for work and use the extra funding to attend recreational swimming once a week.