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10 Tips for your NDIS Review Meeting

Your NDIS plan will be reviewed on an annual basis. The review is an opportunity to ensure that your plan is meeting your goals. Here are 10 tips to help you prepare for, and guide you through, your review meeting.
NDIS Plan Review
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How do I change NDIS providers?

Whether you are unhappy with your current NDIS provider or your goals have changed, this handy guide takes you through the steps to succcessfully make the switch.
NDIS Plan Review

Starting your NDIS Plan

Putting your NDIS plan into action – FAQs So you’ve had your planning meeting and have now received notification that your NDIS plan has been…

NDIS Plan Review
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Example of an NDIS Plan

What does a NDIS plan look like? Every NDIS plan varies according to the individual but will be based on your own preferences and needs….

NDIS Plan Review
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How to maximise your NDIS funding?

All of us at CareAbout have been talking to people about their NDIS experience, and whether you are at the start of your NDIS journey,…

NDIS Plan Review
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What is a Support Coordinator?

Support coordination assists NDIS Participants to implement the supports in your NDIS plan, including informal, mainstream, community and funded supports. Support Coordination may be one…

NDIS Plan Review
Let us help you find the right Aged Care Home for you
Understand your care needs
Create a shortlist of homes with vacancies
Negotiate Aged Care Fees
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What is a Plan Manager?

What is Plan Management and what is it supposed to do? Under the NDIS, Plan Management is about the financial management of your plan. The…

NDIS Plan Review

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