Support For ODD Under The NDIS

If your child has been diagnosed with ODD you may be eligible for some support under the government’s National Disability Insurance Scheme, (NDIS). Eligibility depends on whether their behaviour disorder meets the disability requirements under the legislation. To meet these requirements you must be able to demonstrate that the disorder is likely to have a permanent impact on certain aspects of your child’s life and that, as a result, they will require ongoing support. 

In the process of applying for funding under the NDIS, you will need to attend a planning meeting with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), the government organisation in charge of managing the NDIS and allocating funding. 

At this meeting, you will be given an opportunity to explain your child’s short and long term goals and the outcomes you would like for them. It’s important to bring along with you supporting information from the health and educational professionals involved in your child’s care. This means your child is more likely to receive appropriate support and services that match their specific needs. This may include speech and occupational therapy, the support of a  psychologist or individual support at school so your child is better able to control their behaviour, gain more confidence and ultimately enjoy a fulfilling life.

Find ODD Support

 With growing awareness and understanding of ODD, there are many specialised NDIS service providers throughout Australia offering individualised support, depending on your child’s specific needs and your family’s circumstances. CareAbout can help you find providers in your area and ensure the services they offer are appropriate and that your child feels comfortable working with them to achieve their goals.

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