One of the key advantages of being a NDIS participant is having the flexibility to allocate funds according to your specific needs and choose who you’d like to support you in achieving your goals.

A NDIS Provider is an individual, or an organisation, who specialises in providing support and services to NDIS participants. Your chosen provider is responsible for accessing and delivering the services you need. They will also help you manage your Plan, so you are able to get the most out of it.

How Do I Find A Quality NDIS Service Provider?

Once you’ve identified the types of supports and products you feel you need, the next step is finding an appropriately qualified provider, preferably in your local area. A useful starting point is going on to the official NDIS website and accessing the ‘myplace provider portal and resources-How to use the myplace portal | NDIS

In order to be able to hold themselves out as providers these organisations must adhere to strict quality and safety requirements. If you choose to manage your own NDIS plan or have a plan manager to do so on your behalf, you will need to find and choose your provider.

Once you’ve drawn up a ‘short list’ of providers in your area, have a look at the provider’s website and check reviews from other participants who have used their services. It’s also important to speak to them directly about your specific needs and expectations, before entering an agreement with them. It may also be worthwhile speaking to your doctor and trusted family members and friends before making a decision.

Types of NDIS Providers – Registered vs. Unregistered.

When you start your search for a NDIS Provider, you’ll notice certain services are registered whilst others are unregistered. Whether a provider is NDIS registered or not, does not change the level of support they provide and, as a self-managed or plan managed NDIS participant, whether you choose to use a registered or non-registered provider is entirely up to you.

You will, however, be restricted to using registered providers if your package is being managed through the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) otherwise known as agency managed.

Registered providers have met formal requirements regarding their qualifications, approvals and capacity to deliver appropriate supports. This formal registration process takes time, money and effort and not all providers, particularly small organisations or individuals operating as sole traders, may choose not to register with the NDIS.

Because unregistered providers aren’t required to conduct audits and comply with the formal requirements of registration, it is up to you to investigate their level of skill, experience and safety record. In doing so, make sure you follow up independent reviews from their clients and ask to see certificates and any other proof of their qualifications and work record.

For assistance in making an informed choice about the best NDIS provider for your individual needs contact CareAbout below.