What is supported school transport?

Supported school transport, also known as student transport, is available for some students with disability to travel to and from school.

Supported school transport services include specialised school buses (mini buses & large buses), vans and cars, transport payments, and travel training for young people so that they can learn how to get to and from school on their own.

Does the NDIS support school transport?

At the moment, state and territory governments pay for supported school transport. Supported School or Student transport is considered to be an “in-kind” NDIS support. This means that it is a support service that is under the scope of NDIS, but is still being funded by State and Territory governments. Student transport will continue to be lump-sum funded in this way until it transitions to the NDIS in 2023.

Student transport in your NDIS plan

If you have been approved for Student Transport services, it will be mentioned in the comments section of your NDIS plan. It is in the comments section only, as it does not get paid for with your NDIS funding.

Eligibility for student transport

Applications for student transport must be made through the NDIS participants’ school. The Principal of the school is responsible for collecting and approving applications.

The be eligible for transport services, a student must:

  • Meet the criteria for the Program for Students with Disabilities
  • Live within an area designated by the school
  • Be enrolled at the school for 3 or more days per week

How do I apply for student transport?

The school should assist you with your application. Reach out to them for help completing your application, and for the documentation.

Applications for the new school year should be submitted to the school by the previous November. The school will let you know in writing whether or not your application has been approved.