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Juniper Trinity

Juniper Trinity
Juniper Trinity, Bentley, 6102
Juniper Trinity
Rowethorpe, 4-10 Hayman Rd
Bentley WA 6102 1300721855
Juniper Trinity is located on, the Juniper Rowethorpe site in Bentley, has 52 single rooms each with an ensuite across 3 wings. There is a central communal dining room and for all residents to share, activities rooms and each house is set around an internal courtyard garden. Providing general care whilst utilising Juniper’s Model of Care (see attachment) Juniper Trinity incorporates an integrated approach to person-centred personal, clinical and allied health care and lifestyle services for our residents. As one of WA’s leading aged care providers Juniper has been supporting older people for more than 65 years. For information and assistance please contact a friendly member of our Access Team on 1300 313 000 or via email on [email protected]
15 - 15 m2
$328,000 - $328,000
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