Privately-funded Home Care Services

Being able to continue living at home is one of the most important and challenging things many older Australians and their families make decisions about every day. Privately-funded Home Care can be a fantastic option long-term, or short-term while you wait for other support services.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusion about what support is available and how to access it, and whether paying privately for Home Care will impact on you being able to receive government-funded supports now or in the future.

Here we will outline the basics so you can feel confident about your choices.

What is privately-funded Home Care?

Private Home Care services are fee-for-service care options in your home that are not subsidised by the Australian Government. Private Home Care services are funded by you.

People who pay for their own Home Care privately can enjoy greater quality of life, better health outcomes and it may make the difference between needing to into an Aged Care Home or staying at home.

Some people who hold out on paying for their own Home Care sometimes rely heavily on busy family and friends or are just battling to get through on their own. Other people make do with minimal support through local government services or stretched charitable organisations, where choice and flexibility may be limited. Unfortunately, this can strain relationships and even be detrimental to your health. You may stop going to your GP or making social appointments because transport arrangements are too hard to access. Sudden declines in health or even a fall can mean that an Aged Care Home becomes the only option.

What types of privately funded care are available?

There are hundreds of providers of privately funded care who can provide any services you need.


  • 24-hour care
  • care for a short period
  • personal Care including domestic assistance
  • social Support
  • respite Care
  • nursing Care
  • any other needs you have

Who can receive privately-funded Home Care?

Private Home Care services are suitable for people who:

  • want interim support or are on the waiting list to receive a Home Care Package
  • are not eligible to receive subsidised Home Care
  • would rather be doing something other than household chores
  • want more care in addition to their Home Care Package (like topping up their care needs).
  • potentially could be living at home longer with additional supports, rather than going into an Aged Care Home.
  • Private services can also be accessed by people living in residential aged care or retirement villages as an add-on to any services or support they currently receive.

Home Care services that are subsidised (either in part or in full) by the Australian Government are called Home Care Packages. Demand for Home Care Packages is high and some people will wait more than 6 months to access a Home Care Package.

If you receive a Home Care Package but need support before your Home Care Package becomes available or need additional hours or services, private in-home care is ideal.

Once you have received your Home Care Package, you can choose to continue receiving private services, or exchange these for the services that can be paid for out of your Home Care Package.

Other benefits of privately-funded Home Care

With private Home Care there are no waiting lists, assessments or restrictions, with services available on a long or short-term basis. You can access Home Care services at any age for any length of time, and pay as you go.

Many Home Care providers offer private Home Care services and support to people of all ages and needs including disability support, aged care, post-operative care, dementia care and palliative care.

How do I find a quality provider?

You may require a carer who is trained in particular medical or health conditions such as Dementia or Parkinsons Disease. Or you may require nursing care or overnight care or a carer who speaks a language other than English. Read our article on how to find a quality provider. Or, a CareAbout expert can help you find a care provider that meets your needs, at no cost to you.

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