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Answer a few questions about your health, lifestyle and service needs, so we know how we can help you.

  • Cultural and language preferences
  • Health needs
  • Services required
  • Living Arrangement

We’ll match you with a quality provider

We make matches based on your needs, preferences, and location. While CareAbout is not a Home Care Provider, our parent company, CareAbout Holdings does own a Provider, Coastal Care. We will always disclose to you if we make a match with a Provider we own or have a financial interest in.

Why trust CareAbout?

CareAbout only works with a select panel of providers. We’re free for customers and will only make a match we are confident about. We carefully evaluate our network Partners to ensure they are customer focussed in every way.

  • Ongoing provider evaluation and quality benchmarks
  • Flexible and agile in meeting care needs
  • Excellent communicator with robust processes in place
  • Transparent communication of provider fees

How do we get paid?

Our service is free for you. We are paid a fee by the Provider if you choose them. Our recommendations are based on your needs and preferences. If we can’t recommend a quality Provider from our handpicked panel we won’t make one. But we will share our expertise and tips and tricks on how to find a quality Provider!

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