Moving your loved one into a Nursing Home is a hard process, both for you and your loved one.

Most seniors who are asked to move out of their homes and into a Nursing Home would suffer from “Relocation Stress Syndrome”, which is the feeling of stress and anxiety that happens before or shortly after a move.

If you are planning to move a loved one into a home, it can be difficult to know what to say to them, as different individuals may feel differently about it. Your loved one may be excited to be a part of a community, meet new friends or have more planned activities. Or alternatively, they may be having a difficult time coping with the thought of leaving their home.

Knowing what to say will vary from person to person, but there are a few ways you can help them feel more comfortable and ease their anxiety about relocating. 

Focus on care   

Remind them (and yourself) that moving into a Nursing Home is natural for most seniors. If your loved one is moving into a Nursing Home, it’s probably because they lack the necessary care in their own homes.

Nursing Homes provide essential services they won’t be able to receive in their own homes, such as clinical care, therapy services, nursing services, round-the-clock support, and health management. These services will be readily available to them 24/7 and help make their lives easier.

Explain to your loved one how the Nursing Home will increase their quality of life, and spend time going through the type of care they will receive in the home.

Share the routine with them

One of the biggest concerns people have in moving into a Nursing Home is the change in routine. Seniors spend years emotionally investing in their homes and habits, so it’s no wonder they may feel traumatised by the change. 

To help reduce the stress, acknowledge how they feel and try creating new routines with them in their Aged Care Home. For example, speak with them about your visit or call schedules, and confirm when they will see you next. It would help if you also made them as involved with this routine as possible to give them more control.

Support their interests 

Different Nursing Homes have a variety of activities such as group shopping trips, bingo games, and arts and crafts sessions – which can be tailored to meet your loved ones’ needs, abilities, and interests. Most homes also offer a variety of social activities outside so that your loved one can take part in life outside the Nursing Home.

Studies show that seniors are more content with the move when they are involved in the decision-making process. So it is advised to get your loved one to choose a home based on their interest. For example, suggest a home that offers painting group classes if they enjoy painting. You can also introduce the home manager to them so they will be familiar with whom to approach.

Be positive

Moving into a Nursing Home can be scary, but the right Nursing Home will significantly improve your loved one’s well-being and ensure they are physically and emotionally taken care of for life. So once you and your loved one have chosen a home together, reassure them of the activities they can look forward to and speak positively about the experience. CareAbout helps carers and seniors find the proper care for themselves and their loved ones, and navigate the various available Nursing Home options. For experienced help with finding Home Care providers and Nursing Homes, contact our team for a FREE, personalised discussion.