How To Register For My Aged Care

Before you can access any government-funded Aged Care services, you must be registered with My Aged Care.

You can register online, via the My Aged Care website, or on the phone by calling My Aged Care on 1800 200 422.

Whether through the website or on the phone, the registration process requires you to answer a range of questions which help determine your individual needs and current situation.

What Is The Phone Number For My Aged Care?

You can contact My Aged Care by calling 1800 200 422.

How Do I Register With My Aged Care Online?

To register online, you will need a computer and an internet connection.

  1. Visit the My Aged Care website and select the “apply for an assessment” link.
  2. The online application is divided into three parts: eligibility, providing your details and arranging your Aged Care assessment
  3. Part A require you to answer some questions about your current situation and needs; this helps to determine whether you are eligible for Aged Care services
  4. Part B requires you to provide your Medicare and other personal details
  5. Part C allows you to arrange an ACAT Assessment; an assessor will visit you in your home and seek some further information so that they can decide which Aged Care option is the best one for you.

The online process takes you through a step-by-step guide and is easy to follow. You may want to have someone with you in case there are parts that you need some help with.

Here’s an example of what the online registration looks like:

What Do I Need Before I Register?

Make sure you have your Medicare card ready, as you will need this in order to register with My Aged Care. The phone call will take around 10 minutes, to make sure you call them when you have a little time up your sleeve.

What Happens During The Registration Process?

You will be asked for your Medicare details, followed by a range of questions about your current health status and need for care.

The questions you are asked during registration will relate to:

  • Information about your needs and any previous assessments or support services
  • Support you are currently receiving (if any)
  • Health concerns you might have
  • Details of how you’re managing with daily tasks and activities at home
  • Your safety at home

If you give your permission, My Aged Care will create an account for you that saves all of the information you give them. This means that when you call again, you won’t have to relay your story a second time.

You can access your account and client record at any time by logging in to the myGov portal. If you don’t yet have a myGov account.

If My Aged Care decides that you may require subsidised care, you will be referred for a face-to-face assessment during this call. You won’t have to do anything, My Aged Care will organise the assessment for you.

Do You Feel Nervous About Calling My Aged Care? Are You Unsure You Can Answer Their Questions Properly?

Don’t worry, you can have a friend or family member with you when you call – you can even hand the phone over to them and let them do all the talking! You’ll need to chat briefly to the My Aged Care representative first though, just to let them know that it’s okay for your friend/family member to answer the questions on your behalf.

Is English Not Your First Language?

That’s absolutely fine! My Aged Care will organise an interpreter who will help translate during your registration phone call. Know more about Aged Care languages.

For further assistance and advice on How to apply for aged care services, contact CareAbout today!

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