If you’re looking for an Aged Care Home, a Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) provider, a Home Care Package provider or some short term care, the My Aged Care website has a tool that can help you to find your local Aged Care providers.

Before you find an Aged Care provider and use their services, you must first register and be assessed by My Aged Care. If, after your assessment, you’re approved for any Aged Care services, you will receive an approval letter explaining which services you are eligible for. Each service will have a specific code attached to it – this code can be given to your chosen provider/s in order to activate your funding and begin your services.

Find a provider tool

There are a lot of Aged Care providers in the market and trying to choose one can be overwhelming. The My Aged Care website has a “find a provider tool” which can help you to narrow down the Aged Care providers in your local area.

If you have been approved for council services (Commonwealth Home Support Program), respite services, or an Aged Care Home, the Find a Provider Tool can be quite helpful.

However, if you have been given a Home Care Package it may not be as simple. There are over 900 Home Care Package providers in Australia, so even if the tool helps you to narrow the search down to your specific location, you may still find there are way too many to sort through on your own.

CareAbout can help you find a great match!

If you are looking for a Home Care Package provider, the Find a Provider Tool can be a good start – but it doesn’t help you to gain much insight into the true quality of the provider.

Let us help you to find a trusted, high-quality provider in your area that meets not only your budget, but all of your other needs as well.