Older Australians within our community reflect the diversity of Australian society and deserve to be treated as individuals with unique backgrounds and life experiences, rather than one homogeneous group.

Our Aged Care system is gradually evolving to not only reflect that diversity but to also provide people with specific needs with quality, dignified care, whether in their own homes or in residential care.

For many older Australians who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/or intersex (LGBTI), discrimination and marginalisation have sadly been part of their life experience. As such, it’s important they have access to Aged Care services that are respectful of their specific care needs and sensitive to their personal history.

Specific needs

The government’s Aged Care program recognises the specific needs of LGBTI older Australians and is working to improve the Aged Care experience of this group, to ensure they have the same opportunities in Aged Care that are available to all Australians.

A range of initiatives has been put in place to better meet the Aged Care needs of those who identify as LGBTI and to offer support that is sensitive to and inclusive of their needs, as well as those of their families and carers.

Accessing services and finding providers

If you’re an older Australian who identifies as LGBTI and need extra support, you will need to arrange to have a formal assessment by your local Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). This can be done through the My Aged Care website, or by calling 1800 200 422.

It is your decision whether you tell the ACAT assessor that you identify as LGBTI. If you do decide to do so, your privacy and confidentiality will be respected and your assessor will work with you to develop an individualised, appropriate support plan and help you find a provider in your local area that meets your needs.

Once you have been assessed as eligible for support, the ‘service finder tool’ on the government’s My Aged Care website can help you find and compare Aged Care providers in your area. 

For some specific types of Aged Care, such as personal and social care, you can use this tool to search for providers who specialise in services for people who identify as LGBTI.

LGBTI inclusive Home Care Packages

In the Home Care Packages section of the ‘service finder tool’, you simply enter your postcode and then click on more search options. 

You’ll find there is an option for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people under the ‘special needs group’ and detailed information about LGBTI-inclusive Home Care Packages, with details about providers in your area.

If you require Residential Aged Care, this tool will also allow you to search for appropriate accommodation options in your area.

Regardless of your personal circumstances, you have the right to access support that respects your dignity as an individual and ensures your wellbeing.

CareAbout makes finding a quality provider easy

CareAbout’s expert advisers can recommend a provider in your local area who meets your needs and preferences.

For more detailed information and advice about specialised aged care services for LGBTI people, contact CareAbout today!