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About My Aged Care

Access the Commonwealth Home Support Program while waiting for your Home Care Package

Aged care and Home Care Package brokers

Aged Care – LGBTI

Aged Care Financial Planning

Aged Care help

Aged Care Homes: overview

Aged Care Home costs and fees

Aged Care providers

Aged Care Homes with dementia care

Applying for an Aged Care Home

Arabic Home Care

Asking for a Home Care Package extension

ACAT Assessment For My Aged Care Services

Aged Care Quality Standards


The best apps for seniors!

The best Home Care in Australia

The best podcasts for over 65’s!

Biggest Home Care Package Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

Boost your immunity!


Caregiver guilt

Caregiving: what to expect

Carer allowance

Caring for ageing parents

Caring for someone living with dementia

Cheap Home Care

Comfort items for people with dementia

Community care

Comparing Aged Care Homes

Consumer-directed care: you’re in the driver’s seat!

Culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) aged care

Customer stories

Commonwealth Home Support Program vs Home Care Packages


Dancing could reduce your risk of dementia!

Declining a Home Care Package

Dementia: an overview

Dementia care in your own home

Dementia care: reminiscence therapy

Dementia: facts and stats

Dementia: person-centred care

Dementia: planning for the future

Dementia: symptoms

Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) and Home Care

The difference between council services and a Home Care Package

Difference Between CHSP and HCP

Do higher fees equal better care?

Dogs in Aged Care Homes: everything you need to know

Duty of Care in Aged Care


Eat well to stay well for longer!

Elder abuse in Australia

End of life care

Essential documentation in aged care

Exiting your Home Care Package

Exercise could keep dementia at bay!


Fact or fiction? Dispelling common Home Care myths

Financial aid for Aged Care Home residents

Financial hardship assistance and Home Care Packages

Financial planning for an Aged Care Home

Finding a quality Home Care provider

The four Home Care Package levels

The future of Home Care


Getting a refund on your Home Care Package

Gift ideas for over 65’s

Government funding for aged care

Government support for carers of people living with dementia

Greek Home Care


Home Care and Indigenous Australians

Home Care fees and costs

Home Care for couples

Home Care for people with cancer

Home Care for people with Parkinson’s disease

Home Care for people with quadriplegia

Home Care for people who have had a stroke

Home Care Guides

Home Care made easy

Home Care: nursing services

Home Care Packages

Home Care Package: aids and equipment

Home Care Package calculator

Home Care Package Care Plan

Home Care Packages and Centrelink

Home Care Package: cleaning services

Home Care Package contingency fees

Home Care Package costs

Home Care Packages for under 65’s

Home Care Package: gardening services

Home Care Package: how to apply

Level 1 Home Care Packages

Level 2 Home Care Packages

Level 3 Home Care Packages

Level 4 Home Care Packages

Home Care Package: modifications to your home

Home Care Package restrictions

Home Care Packages for self-funded retirees

Home Care Package take-up deadline

Home Care Package: top up payments

Home Care: personal care services

Home Care provider list

Home Care rights and responsibilities

Home Care Package services

Home Care vs. Medicare

Home Care subsidies: what’s available?

Home Care: what is it?

Home help vs. Home Care Package

Home support: how to plan it right!

How CareAbout can help you access Home Care

How CareAbout can help you with aged care fees

How important is routine for people with dementia?

How technology is changing Home Care for good!

How to apply for a higher level Home Care Package

How to ask for a high priority Home Care Package

How to change your Home Care provider

How to check if an Aged Care Home or provider is non-compliant

How to cheer someone up in a Nursing Home

How to choose an aged care provider

How to choose the right Aged Care Home

How to decide on the best aged care support

How much should you expect Home Care costs to rise in 2023?

How much should you expect to pay for a Nursing Home

How to pay for support while you wait for government funding

How to remove your parent from a nursing home

How to start your Home Care Package

How to support a loved one emotionally when finding an Aged Care provider


If you don’t use your Home Care Package, could you lose it?

The importance of Home Care and how it compares to other aged care services

I’m new to caring; what do I do?

Italian Home Care


Jewish Home Care


Keep an eye out for hidden fees!


Living Wills and Advance Care Planning


Making the most of your Home Care Package

My Aged Care Assessment

My Aged Care: fees and charges

My Aged Care: find a provider tool

My Aged Care: languages

My Aged Care: letters

My Aged Care: locations

My Aged Care: Packages

My Aged Care Portal

My Aged Care providers

My Aged Care: quality

My Aged Care referral code

My Aged Care referrals

My Aged Care registration

My Aged Care service finder

My Aged Care services

The My Aged Care Program

My Aged Care: wait times

What is My Aged Care


The National Queue for Home Care Packages

New South Wales: aged care overview

Not-for-profit Aged Care Homes vs. private facilities


Our favourite books on dementia: for carers

Overnight care at home


Palliative care at home

Palliative care overview

Palliative Care: What to Expect

Palliative Care: How can social workers support your loved one in palliative care?

The Pension Loans Scheme

The perfect diet for over 70’s

Playing mind games (the good kind!)

Preventing loneliness and isolation as you age

Privately-funded Home Care

Products to help you as you age


Queensland: aged care overview

Questions to ask prospective Aged Care Homes (Nursing Homes)


RAD and DAP: what’s the difference?

Regional Home Care

Respite care

Retirement tips!


Self-care and loneliness

Schedule of Fees and Charges for Residential and Home Care

Should you self-manage your Home Care Package?

Signing over your power: understanding a power of attorney

South Australia: aged care overview

Staying safe in the heat of summer

Suitable gifts for a loved one in a Nursing Home

Support for carers


Taking temporary leave from your Home Care Package

Things you should know before moving a loved one into a nursing home

Tips from a retirement specialist

Home Care Package Guide

Top Home Care

Transition Care explained

Types Of Aged Care


Ultimate Guide to Home Care Packages

Home Care Package Services

Income Tested Fee (ITF)

Understanding your Home Care Package monthly statement


Victoria: aged care overview

Vietnamese Home Care


Waiting for Home Care Package funding? Speed up the process!

What are therapy dolls?

What Can Home Care Package Funds Be Used For?

What is a Home Care Package?

What’s included in my Home Care Package?

What’s the difference between respite, palliative care and hospice?

What to do if you have a complaint about your Home Care services

What to do while you’re waiting for your Home Care Package

Where there’s a Will, there’s peace of mind

Which type of provider is best for you? Take the quiz!

Why is falls prevention so important?



Your Guide to Government funding

Your Home Care Agreement: everything you need to know



10 ways to use your Home Care Package

24-hour Home Care

5 self-care activities for seniors

5 signs your loved one needs a personal alarm

5 ways to save money after retirement