If you have a partner, the available Home Care Packages will differ slightly and it is important to understand the differences to ensure the appropriate supplements for you.

How Home Care works with couples

No matter your marital or relationship status you are entitled to a Home Care Package, and both members can receive funding for a provider. The difference is that the amount of available funding and the tier for which you are eligible may be slightly different as the income assessment looks at your combined income.

What fees do I have to pay?

There are some fees that you are obliged to pay to your provider so they can pay their staff and management costs. Depending on your income and type of care you may be required to pay:

  • Daily fees
  • Income tested care fees
  • Additional fees

About the income-tested care fee

The income tested care fee is determined by your needs and financial situation and helps to support the services and management of your home care provider.  

A daily fee of up to $18.30 is paid if you are:

  • Single, earning over $32,820
  • A member of a couple living together and earn over $25,420
  • A member of a couple living apart due to illness and earning over $32,196

You pay a daily fee between $18.30 and $36.60 if you are:

  • Single earning over $63,352
  • A member of a couple and earning over $48,433
  • A member of a couple living apart due to illness and earning over $62,728

Support for fees

If you require a specific level of support but cannot afford your daily fees you may be eligible to receive additional funding and supplements. Some of these available supplements are:

  • Dementia and cognition supplement
  • Continence Aid Payment Scheme (CAPs)
  • Supplement for financial hardship
  • Oxygen supplement
  • Transitioning to Home Care
  • Enteral feeding funding
  • Veteran’s supplement
  • Viability supplement
  • Some supplements available from your GP (book an appointment with your GP to discuss whether there are other supplements for you)

These supplements will require assessment and may request the appropriate information and documentation to approve the funds. You can speak to the team at CareAbout if you are unsure.

Home Care Packages

It’s quite easy to apply for your Home Care Package, but it’s important to plan it in advance as the process can take some time. You will need to register with My Aged Care before applying and receiving a face-to-face assessment. After assessment, you will receive an acceptance letter (the assessment process takes around 3 weeks) and then receive your allocation letter which indicates the funding you can now spend. Make sure to research all available providers to find one that you are comfortable with regularly visiting your home.

Home Care Packages – The 4 Levels

The funding you will receive will be determined with your assessment and fall under 4 levels.

  • Level 1: Basic care providing you with $10,271 of yearly finding
  • Level 2: Low levels of care providing you with $18,064 annually
  • Level 3: Medium care providing you with $39,311 of yearly funding
  • Level 4: High levels of care providing you with $59,594 annually

You can use this funding however you choose depending on what tasks and areas of independent living you require support in.