Jewish Home Care

Australia is one of the most multicultural nations in the world and our migrant communities have made an important contribution to building the prosperous and culturally rich country we live in today.

Australia’s large Jewish community has a long and proud history in this country. Since World War Two, Australia has been a place of resettlement for successive waves of migrants from war-torn countries, including refugees, including many Holocaust survivors, from European countries who arrived in the 1950s and 1960s. Since then, Australia has welcomed waves of Jewish immigrants from many other parts of the world and Melbourne represents the ninth largest community in the world. 

Jewish Aged Care organisations have a long and proud history in Australia, providing some of the earliest models of care for the elderly in its community. These Aged Care services have traditionally been delivered by not-for-profit, community based organisations. However, as the population ages and their needs become more complex, these organisations are under increasing pressure to provide the level of support the community requires.

Remaining At Home

Given a choice, most elderly Jewish people want to remain at home and within their community for as long as possible, with Residential Aged Care seen as a last resort. There is also the cultural expectation for older people to be cared for by the family. However, this decision often depends on whether family members are available to provide the care they need. According to current demographics, there are many 65-74 year olds in the Jewish community caring for their aged parents. Whilst caring for a loved one can be very rewarding, it is also emotionally and physically draining with the wellbeing of the carer just as important as the person being cared for.

Choosing a Home Care provider

If you are caring for ageing parents and feel you need extra support, fortunately with the government’s Home Care Package Program and the wide range of Aged Care services available, many catering to the diverse needs of  elderly migrant communities, there is help available.

Typically, for the elderly no longer able to care for themselves, there is a preference for Jewish Aged Care services. This means it’s important to choose an organisation that is able to provide culturally appropriate care, embody Jewish values and one that can provide staff with relevant knowledge and experience, who are responsive, respectful and inclusive of the diverse needs across the Jewish aged community. This diversity may be reflected in language, ethnic background, religious practice, and often strict dietary requirements.

As Jewish communities are generally defined by locality, choosing a care provider close to home is important when it comes to accessing Jewish culture and religious services.

Although their numbers are diminishing, amongst the very elderly in the Australian Jewish community, there are still some Holocaust survivors and they represent a distinct group with specific needs. Health and Aged Care workers caring for older survivors need to have an understanding and specific training in the special needs of those who have suffered considerable loss and trauma in their earlier life.

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