If you’re on the hunt for a Home Care provider, you might be tempted to find a list of all of the providers in your area. This is often the first step for people who have recently received their Home Care Package funds, it makes sense that you’d want to see all of the different Home Care providers in your local area.

What is a Home Care list?

A Home Care list is really just that; it’s a list of all registered Home Care providers in your area – or Australia-wide if you haven’t asked for or entered any specific location details.

The My Aged Care website can provide you with such a list, however this list doesn’t tell you everything you need to know!

The list provided on the My Aged Care website is interactive, so you are able to click on a particular provider and be taken to another webpage with more detailed information.

What information does a Home Care list give you?

The information included in My Aged Care’s Home Care list gives you information on:

  • the provider’s operating hours,
  • their denomination/culture or faith, if any,
  • information on costs and fees for common services,
  • and details around any compliance issues or current sanctions.

What a Home Care list doesn’t tell you!

The list of Home Care providers doesn’t have any information on the quality or customer experiences of that provider, so it can be hard to know if their services are ones that you would be happy with.

Often the list you receive has a huge number of providers on it, so it doesn’t necessarily help you narrow down your search and can make the process of choosing a provider seem even more overwhelming!

The list also doesn’t always let you know the up-to-date availability of the provider. Some providers do not have the capacity to take on any more clients, yet this information is not regularly updated on the My Aged Care website. Not knowing this means you can waste a lot of your time calling providers just to be told that they cannot help you at that moment in time.

Sometimes, the list of providers won’t show the variations in fees depending on which level of Home Care Package you have. For example, if you have a level 4 Home Care Package, due to the greater complexity and number of hours involved, your Care Management fees are likely to be much greater than someone who has a more basic level 1 Home Care Package.

The list give you information on the cost of common Home Care services only, so if you’re looking for some less common services, you won’t be able to see this information and would need to contact the provider directly.