Look out for these upcoming changes to your Care Management

care management changes 24-25

A change is coming! Are you receiving Home Care services? If so, your Care Management is getting an upgrade from July 2025. The new Support at Home program will replace existing Home Care programs with the aim of improving the delivery, coordination, and personalisation of your care services. Here are the main changes you can expect to see.

Integrated Care Management

Care management services will be more integrated, consolidating various existing programs into a single, cohesive system. This integration will help simplify access to care and ensure seamless transitions between different types and levels of support, i.e. the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) and Home Care Packages, and between the different levels of Home Care Package.

Tailored Care Planning

Emphasis will be placed on personalised care plans that are developed based on comprehensive assessments of individual needs. This approach ensures that each person receives the specific support they require, aligned with their preferences and circumstances.

Enhanced Flexibility

The new funding model will offer greater flexibility, allowing care packages to be more adaptable to changing needs. This will enable care managers to allocate resources more effectively, based on real-time assessments and evolving conditions.

Increased Consumer Choice

Those receiving Home Care will have more control over their care arrangements, with the ability to select and switch providers more easily. This empowerment aims to enhance satisfaction and ensure that care recipients are receiving services from providers that best meet their needs.

Focus on Outcomes

Care management will be oriented towards achieving better health and wellbeing outcomes. This includes setting clear goals for care recipients and regularly monitoring progress to adjust care plans as needed.

Workforce Development

To support these changes, there will be initiatives to train and upskill care managers and workers. This ensures that they are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver high-quality, person-centered care.

Use of Technology

Technology will play a crucial role in enhancing care management. This includes digital tools for care planning, monitoring, and communication between care recipients, providers, and families. These tools will help streamline processes and improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of care management.

Improved Accountability and Transparency

There will be stronger accountability measures to ensure that care management services meet high standards of quality and safety. This includes regular reporting, feedback mechanisms, and oversight to maintain transparency and trust in the system.

Support for Informal Carers

Recognising the vital role of informal carers, the new approach will include better support for family members and friends who provide care. This may involve providing them with training, resources, and respite options to help them in their caregiving roles.

Overall, these changes to care management under the “Support at Home” program are designed to create a more efficient, responsive, and person-centered aged care system in Australia, ensuring that older Australians can live independently at home with the support they need.