Which type of provider is best for you? Take the quiz!

If you have recently received your Home Care Package funding, or you’re doing some planning while you wait, you’re possibly wondering whether you should choose to have your Home Care Package managed by a provider, or to self-manage.

Find out if a self-managed, or a provider-managed Home Care Package is best for you! Click on the button below to take the quiz.

Provider-managed Home Care Package

Having your Home Care Package managed by a provider means that everything is done for you. The provider will:

  • develop a personalised care plan
  • set goals for you
  • recommend service types that may benefit you
  • give you advice on how to spend your funding
  • closely monitor of your health and progress
  • modify your care plan & services if your needs change
  • book and schedule your care workers
  • manage and resolve any conflicts with care workers or other staff

Self-managed Home Care Package

If you self-manage your Home Care Package, you need to do all of the above yourself, so it requires some extra effort and knowledge – but in doing so, you are left with more money to spend on care.

To successfully self-manage your Home Care Package, it’s important that you are confident and comfortable managing staff and giving them direction and feedback.

It’s also important to note that if you run into any issues with staff, you must be confident that you can manage any potential conflict. Without a provider managing your Home Care, there won’t be any processes or avenues to make a complaint and have it resolved – you’ll need to do this yourself.

What if I make the wrong choice?

It can be a tricky decision, but don’t worry too much. If you choose to self-manage your Home Care Package but soon realise that it’s a bit too much for you, it’s easy to transfer your Home Care Package to a provider who will manage everything for you.

Our quiz is a good little gauge for you to see which provider type might work for you based on your support system, your skillset and your care needs. But remember, the choice is always yours! The result of your quiz is meant to be a general guide only, not a detailed recommendation.

If you would like a detailed and personalised recommendation, speak with one of our expert Home Care Package Advisers.