If you have a loved one in a Nursing Home, you might be thinking about gift ideas to brighten their day. It’s always wonderful to see their faces light up with joy when receiving something they like (although they’ll always say they don’t need anything!)

Navigating what gifts to give can be tricky. What items are allowed by the Nursing Home? What if your loved one already has the gift? Either way, gift-giving in this case requires a lot of thought and thorough research.

Here are some gift idea suggestions that any resident in a Nursing Home will love.

A gift box by Grand Connection Gifts

Grand Connection Gifts provides subscription boxes or one-off boxes that you can customise and send to your loved ones. The company specialises in gift boxes that promote mental health and cognitive functions for seniors, and all their boxes are curated by a Qualified Diversional Therapist for the best holistic care.

You can order these gift boxes and ship them Australia-wide. You can also fill your boxes with items such as jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, and snacks for your loved ones’ enjoyment.

An art supply kit

Studies have indicated that creating art can help ease symptoms of anxiety and depression among seniors. In fact, performing visual art therapy is known to reduce cognitive decline. So what better gift to give your loved one than art supplies?

Art supplies are available across popular Australian stores like Officeworks and Kmart. They could be as simple as giving your loved one a paint, a paintbrush, and paper. But providing your loved one with an outlet to stretch their creativity can be a great way to improve their well-being. You can even plan an art activity to do together during your visit.

Easy-care succulent garden

It’s wonderful how certain plants can require such minimal effort but still have the ability to transform a space completely. Easy-care plants are the perfect gift that can put a smile on your loved one’s face, and it also gives them some form of responsibility without being overly strenuous on their ability and day-to-day life.

Bloomscape has many great plants that you can choose from, and they ship their plants Australia-wide. For gift inspiration for your loved one in a Nursing Home, visit their website where they highlight some of the easiest plants to grow.

A custom storybook

If your senior loves stories, then a personalised, custom storybook may be the ideal gift. There are many online stores that allow you to create customised storybooks for your loved ones, even books with your voice recorded!

For example, Wonderbly offers personalised adult books where you can add your loved one’s name, choose your book colours, and write a heartfelt dedication to them. Alternatively, you can also consider gifting them with a birthdate book that shows them a gorgeous illustration of their birth chart.

Compile great photos

If you’re still drawing a blank on what to give, then turn to your old photos! Seniors love to feel special and appreciated, especially among their loved ones. Hence, there’s no better way to showcase all the fantastic memories you’ve had together than compiling all your photos beautifully in one place.

There are also many creative ways you can compile these photos. If your loved ones prefer to keep things traditional, you could personalise a hard copy photo book or create a scrapbook with your own notes. Alternatively, there are many digital frames that can be placed by their bedside in the Aged Care Home. For a more unique option, you can turn your favourite photo into a jigsaw puzzle and build it together with your loved one.

Choosing the right gift for your loved one in a Nursing Home can be tricky, but with a little thought and research, the perfect gift may be just around the corner. CareAbout assist carers in finding the proper care for their loved ones and navigating the various care options available. For experienced help in finding a suitable Nursing Home, contact our team for a FREE, personalised discussion and arrangement.