It’s never an easy decision to move a parent out of a Nursing Home.

Carers do it for multiple reasons. Perhaps a loved one requires more specialised care than the home could provide, or maybe they would like to be relocated to a more affordable home once they are better recovered.

Either way, there are many considerations when removing a parent from a Nursing Home. So how do you go about it?

Let’s go through some of the options you can consider based on your individual circumstances.

Can I remove a parent from a Nursing Home?

Ultimately, the resident (your parent) has the final say on moving out of a Nursing Home. If your parent can make their own decision, then you are legally unable to move your parent without their consent. However, if your parent cannot make this decision for themselves, you can remove them from the Nursing Home.

Convincing a capable parent to move out of a Nursing Home requires patience and open communication, so it’s encouraged to have an earnest chat with your loved one about this decision.

Has COVID changed the process?

COVID-19 has not changed the process of moving a parent out of a Nursing Home. So, you will need to follow the usual procedure given by the Nursing Home. It’s also good to be aware of the government’s COVID-19 advice for Aged Care Facilities and visitors. 

However, the pandemic has changed most carers’ sentiment on placing their loved ones in a Nursing Home. The frequent outbreaks in Aged Care Homes have been troubling for many Australians. Research shows that 54% per cent of Australians are considering removing their parent from their Nursing Homes. Two out of three respondents said this would be a temporary move, while one in three considers removing their parent permanently.

Here are the options available if you’re looking to remove your parent from a Nursing Home.

Temporary or Permanent Leave

You can choose to remove your parent from the home permanently (forever) or temporarily. Temporary leave is an interim hold on receiving care for your parent. If you’re unsure of your decision to remove your parent from the nursing home permanently, then you could consider removing them for a brief period while deciding.

There are two common forms of temporary leave which could help you in your decision. They are:

  • Emergency leave: In an emergency (such as a pandemic), the Australian Government allows residents in the home to take emergency leave for a specific period. In this instance, your parent is allowed to be removed without losing their place in the Nursing Home.
  • Social leave: Nursing Home residents are allowed to take 52 days of social leave in a financial year. Your parent can also take more than 52 days leave, but the government will not subsidise these additional days. During social leave, your parent can also choose to stay in a carer’s home if you plan to switch to in-home care.

In-home Care vs. Nursing Home

There are many different types of care available to your loved one besides a Nursing Home, and in-home care is a highly popular option. Most families want to be close to their loved ones, so it’s only natural to want to care for your parent in your home.

If you’re considering switching to in-home care, you can look for in-home care options and support such as:

There are many benefits of caring for your parent in your home. Here are some of the significant advantages:

  • In-home care is tailored to your parent’s needs. For example, you can choose the number of hours needed for care and get personalised care from one specific person.
  • During in-home care, you would be dealing with only one case manager for your parent, instead of multiple staff in a Nursing Home.
  • The fee for in-home care may be cheaper because it’s based on the number of hours required for care.

Your parent can maintain their preferred routine rather than a structured one usually given by the Nursing Home. While there are many things to consider when removing your loved one from a Nursing Home, you don’t have to look for them alone. To discover other available options, visit CareAbout to browse through the many Aged Care and Home Care facilities and services that are right for you.