When you decide you need some extra support to keep you living safely and independently, choosing a home care provider you can trust is important. You may require entry-level home support services or a higher level of care through the government’s Home Care Package Program. If you’re no longer able to live independently at home, you may be considering residential care options.  

If you have been allocated a government-subsidised Home Care Package you will need to choose and sign up with a provider. The Australian Government subsidies approved providers under the Aged Care Act, making them more affordable and accessible.

Approved providers

An approved aged care provider is an organisation that has been assessed and approved to provide services under the Aged Care Act. This may be providing services as part of a Home Care Package, or care in a residential facility. Only approved providers are able to deliver government-subsidised aged care services in Australia.  Not all aged care providers need to be approved by the Commission to operate. However, these private providers don’t receive any government funding.

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission is the government agency responsible for assessing and monitoring the performance of approved providers, against certain standards – read more about Quality Standards in Aged Care.

 These standards cover everything from:

  • Ensuring consumer dignity and choice
  • Processes around ongoing assessment and planning
  • Personal and clinical care standards
  • Feedback/complaints procedure

If a provider wants to continue receiving government funding, they need to comply with all these standards. Providers will be monitored on a regular basis to ensure they continue to do so.

How do I find an approved provider?

You can search for approved providers by using the ‘Find a Provider Tool’ on the government’s My Aged Care website. This tool allows you to search through a providers list and check important details, such as provider fees and service availability. Read more about My Aged Care Find A Provider here.

Changing providers

If you decide to change your home care provider, you are free to do so as your package is allocated to you and not to your provider. If this is the case, you will need to notify My Aged Care of your decision and request a referral code which you will need to give to your next chosen provider. This code is called ‘a reactivating home care services code’.

Finding an appropriate provider who is able to meet your needs and who you feel comfortable with is an important decision. It’s a good idea to ask friends and family for recommendations, and  ‘interview’ several providers before deciding on the one best suited to your needs.

For expert advice about finding appropriate services in your area and choosing a provider, contact CareAbout.