My Aged Care is a government body that helps older Australians get government-funded Home Care services. When you apply for a Home Care Package from My Aged Care, you should expect to receive several letters as a primary form of communication. 

To help you plan for your application, here are the different My Aged Care letters you’ll receive throughout the process and what you can do about them.

Welcome letter

This is the first letter you’ll receive after you’ve applied for a Home Care Package. It is a written confirmation of your application and includes a unique Aged Care ID number you need when speaking to My Aged Care.

Once you receive this letter, it’s a good indication to start preparing for comprehensive assessment which occurs in your home. It is referred to as an ACAS or ACAT (Victoria) assessment.

Eligibility letter

Once you have been assessed as eligible for a Home Care Package, an eligibility letter will be sent after your comprehensive ACAS/ACAT assessment. This letter confirms that you’re now on a waiting list for a Home Care Package, and it will also show the level of subsidies you’ll receive.

Your eligibility letter may also contain referral codes for other Aged Care Services you can access while waiting for your Home Care Package. At this point, it may be a 3-4 month wait for your funding, so consider speaking to someone who can help you explore other Aged Care options if needed.

Get Ready letter (Waiting List)

This letter is sent around three months before you’re expected to receive your Home Care Package subsidy. It’s a reminder to get ready for your package and start making a list of the services and supports you need to remain living independently at home.  

Once you receive this letter, you can complete the income tested fee through Services Australia and clarify if you’ll need to pay a contribution towards your Home Care Package. If you receive the full Aged Care pension you do not need to pay an income tested fee and do not need to contact Services Australia as they already have all of your details. If you receive part of the Aged Care pension but not the full amount you call Services Australia, and they can let you know how much you need to contribute. If you are a Self-Funded retiree, you will need to complete the income tested fee form which you can find here.

Government Fee letter (Prepare)

After completing the income tested fee assessment through Services Australia, you’ll receive a letter confirming the fees that may be payable towards your Home Care Package. To understand this better, My Aged Care has a simple calculator you can use to estimate the fees.

Assignment letter

Receiving this letter means your funding has been approved! Your assignment letter will show you the package level you’ve been assigned to, and how you can begin using your Home Care Package on an approved provider of your choice. In addition, this letter contains your Home Care Package referral code and the date by which you must find a provider.

You will now need to start your Home Care Package within 56 days by selecting a Home Care provider and entering into a Home Care Agreement with your provider. You must do this so that you don’t lose your government funding, but you can request a 28-day extension from My Aged Care by calling them.

Click here to see an example of this letter.

Key Takeaway

Knowing how to prepare for your Home Care Package is important for a stress-free and smooth application process. To help understand your package and find a quality Home Care provider, speak to CareAbout for FREE expert guidance.

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