CareAbout Customer Story: Judith and Vicki

“There were so many things going on – it was such a daunting process”, said Vicki when speaking about her experience trying to find Home Care Support for her Mum.

These words are all too familiar to us when first speaking to family members about the Home Care process. At CareAbout our mission is to smooth out that process, making it clear and putting people at ease.

We love hearing about our customer’s experiences and learning from their stories. We caught up with Vicki and Judith to chat about their recent journey; from applying for a Home Care Package through to receiving weekly care and support from their new provider.

Here’s their story:

Judith’s journey

The Aged Care landscape can be a minefield. That’s certainly what Vicki and her mother, Judith, discovered when they first started looking for Aged Care Services.

Vicki and her sister were managing their Mum’s care on their own, each visiting Judith, who lives alone, every week and taking care of her transport, shopping and medical appointments. The sisters both work full time, so managing Judith’s care isn’t always an easy thing.

In the late 70’s, Judith was in a serious car accident and was left with chronic injury to her spine – her mobility is affected and today she uses a walker. She also had a brain injury as result of the accident, making her care needs more significant than they might otherwise be at her age. Judith also recently received a diagnosis of early stage Alzheimer’s, and while her symptoms are not obvious at this stage, the family decided it was time to start looking for an extra helping hand.

That’s when they started looking for information on the help available and discovered that the options and the overall system was completely overwhelming and confusing.

There were so many things goings on – it was such a daunting process.


What they did know, was that care which allowed Judith to stay in her own home was a priority, as she has lived in the same house for 35 years and would be heartbroken if she had to leave. This is particularly important for people who are living with Alzheimer’s, as familiar and comforting surroundings reduce any stress or confusion.

After their initial search for information on Home Care, they were more confused than ever. Not really knowing where to turn for help, Vicki found CareAbout’s website and entered her details.

Finding CareAbout for Home Care Support

The sense of relief in Vicki’s voice when she tells us about her experience during that first phone call is paramount!

The CareAbout’s Home Care placement process was so easy. I was so confused and overwhelmed to begin with. I didn’t know where to start, what to do, what was available, what the costs were…CareAbout were so friendly, nice and helpful on the other end of the phone. Just fabulous.


After Vicki entered her details on CareAbout’s website, Karen, a Care Adviser, was able to get in touch with her within 20 minutes and explain the Aged Care landscape in clear language that actually made sense. Vicki and Judith were left feeling that they finally knew what was available to them and what their best option was.

After listening to everything Judith wanted from her Home Care Package, Karen recommended a quality Home Care provider who suited these needs the best. She had a hunch that a particular Care Manager would be perfect to look after Judith!

The provider recommended by CareAbout were local, have been around for a long time and have a good reputation, and good fees compared to some other big providers


Judith and Vicki met with the provider recommended, felt happy and comfortable, so decided to sign up with them.

Karen called me and followed up when she knew I had my first meeting with the Home Care provider. She wished me luck and to let her know if I had any issues. It’s been wonderful, yeah


Life with their New Home Care Provider

Judith has loved the care workers who have come to look after her, helping her to shower, clean and vacuum the house. The provider communicates well, so Judith and Vicki always know when the Home Care workers will be visiting and they’re made aware if there are any changes to the schedule.

For Vicki and her sister, having a quality Home Care Provider look after their Mum has made a world of difference. They both feel great relief knowing that Judith has everything in place and doesn’t have to rely solely of the two of them any more.

The best thing has been the ease with which it was to go through. It’s been great having things taken off my hands and knowing Mum is being looked after.


Vicki says that if they hadn’t found CareAbout, she would’ve just had to pick up the phone and start dialing and hoped for the best, fumbling her way through.

With CareAbout, it all fell into place and took the burden off my hands


Find a Quality Home Care Provider with CareAbout

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