Smart watches have come a long way since they were first created. From simply telling the time, these watches are now used as medical devices to monitor heart rates, count one’s daily steps, and even listen to voice commands. 

Smart watches can be a great present if you’re looking for a gift for yourself or a senior loved one! However, purchasing the right one can be confusing. With so many options in the market, how do you choose? 

Getting the perfect one really depends on the features that are important to you. There are many smart watches in the market, and each has its own unique capabilities. So to help you choose, here are some of our favourite smart watches according to their features. 

Best smart watch for heart rate monitoring – Fitbit Versa 3

Fitbit has long been a famous brand in smart watches, and the Fitbit Versa 3 is our best pick as a great heart rate monitor. This particular watch has earned many positive online reviews in heart rate monitoring, including on medical websites such as healthline.

The Fitbit Versa 3 has a 24/7 heart rate tracker and a built-in GPS that tracks your walks, hikes, and runs in real-time, which is a significant upgrade to its older model. It also has a beautiful display that will show your heart rate and is waterproof. 

In terms of battery, the Fitbit Versa 3’s battery life is a big plus, as it can last up to 6 days on a single charge. The smart watch is currently priced at around $197.00, which is fairly priced for a smart watch.  

Best smart watch for emergencies – Medica Guardian MGMove 

If safety is your priority, then the MGMove by Medical Guardian is a great option. While many smart watches allow the wearer to call for help, we think the MGMove does it more efficiently and effectively than the rest.

One of its top features is the watch’s ability to react quickly in emergencies. Besides caregivers and family members, the smart watch also allows a person to alert an emergency response agent. Plus, it comes with impressive caregiver features such as reminders, messaging, and step-tracking. 

The MGMove smart watch can be purchased at a starting price of $199.95, plus a monthly subscription of $39.95. 

Best smart watch for fall detection Apple Watch Series 

The Apple Watch Series 4 onwards is one of the best in the market for fall detection, though they can be a little pricey. In fact, the Apple Watch has even saved a man in Seattle, USA, by alerting his son of his fall during a bike ride.

The fall detection feature is a feature of the Apple Watch that needs to be activated to use. However, it’s not difficult to configure it into your smart watch. Once the watch has detected a fall, it’ll sound an alert to your emergency contact if you’ve not responded to it within a minute. You can also choose to dismiss this alert if you’ve dropped the watch. As a bonus, the smart watch can monitor your heart rate through an ECG app. 

The best smart watch for sleep-tracking – Garmin vívosmart® 4 / Apple Watch Series

If you’re looking for better sleep, or wish to detect sleep apnoea and other sleep complications, there are a couple of great smart watches on the market. One of our favourites in this department is the vívosmart® 4 by Garmin. 

This smart watch tracks your different stages of sleep and also shows your movement during the night. You can also track your oxygen levels with its Pulse Ox feature, which is Garmin’s built-in pulse oximeter.  

However, the Apple Watch isn’t too far behind in sleep tracking. A 2017 study on the Apple Watch showed that it was 90 percent accurate in detecting sleep apnoea and 82 percent accurate in detecting hypertension, which are excellent statistics for a smart watch. 

Choosing the right smart watch depends on your particular need. By narrowing down our favourites based on individual features, we hope that this review helps you buy the ideal smart watch for you or your loved one. 
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