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Customer Story: Sofia and Nadia

Older woman in kitchen with KitchenAid mixer

Sofia recently chose one of CareAbout’s trusted providers as her Home Care Package provider. Sofia’s granddaughter Nadia says that they looked at many options and found that the provider recommended by CareAbout was the most consistent, responsive and reasonably priced.

My grandmother Sofia, the helper, has always been an independent, capable, quiet achiever who always helps others.

It was difficult for Sofia to concede that the time had come for her to now accept help. She strongly feared losing control and not being included in the decisions that matter most to her. She was also concerned about unknown people being in her home.

Fast forward, and Sofia is absolutely delighted with the personally tailored care she is receiving. Contrary to her fears, her independence is being maintained and the provider’s support workers are caring, respectful and meticulous in their work.

She now feels relieved that the burden of housework and other tasks has been lifted and she can focus on other more enjoyable things.

My grandmother has always been an enthusiastic cook and loves preparing much loved dishes and treats for her family.

The provider recently helped Sofia to purchase some fantastic appliances to help make cooking the family favourites easier for her. Her joy and excitement over this has been heartwarming; she is so eager to learn and experiment. Nadia says that the family loves seeing her so happy and energised.

Nadia, Sofia and their family can’t thank the provider enough for the management and support they have provided. They say it has been uplifting and revitalising for Sofia – and comforting for the family to know her needs are being met so wonderfully.

Sofia gave consent to publish this article.


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