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Customer story: Grahame


Grahame has had an extraordinary life and we’re so thankful that he has agreed to share some of his story with us!

Grahame has recently signed with one of our care partners and is excited to begin his Home Care services. He’s most looking forward to having a care worker go on walks with him, and help him to continue his exercise programs at home.

Graham was born and raised in England and arrived in Australia in 1964. He is a widower and has one daughter. Grahame reinvented himself when the global business he worked for was taken over in the 80’s. He took the opportunity to change professions when it was presented.

He has certainly endured sadness in his life, losing his wife to melanoma complications and then suffering a stroke whilst overseas. This hasn’t stopped him though, he has been triumphant overcoming the effects of his stroke and has found joy and peace through giving back to his community. and immersing himself in service to others.

Now, Grahame keeps active as a member of a political party and as the secretary of the Lions club. He is also a member of the stroke recovery group FAST (Falls After Stroke Trial) which has given him access to exercise programs as well as balance and coordination equipment.

Grahame was awarded the Senior Citizen of the year in 2017 by his local Council, for his 50 years of service to the community with the Lions Club.  

Through his involvement with the Lions Club, Grahame was able to help in the Philippines after cyclone Haiyan hit the country, assisting young people in slum areas of Manilla and through a feeding program for pre-schoolers.

Grahame helping pre-schoolers in the Philippines.

One of his greatest joys has been to see the smiles on children’s faces whom he has helped. Grahame recalled some heart wrenching stories, where he had given bad news to a mother of her child’s deadly condition, yet she thanked him for it. Another story involved a father pleading with him to get life-saving insulin for his diabetic daughter – and he did.

Remarkably when Grahame had his stroke in a remote area of the Philippines (where there was no suitable hospital), a person posted a photo of him on Facebook and through all the work and contacts Grahame had made in the Philippines, he was recognised, and help was arranged for him.

It has been a lot of intensive rehabilitation work for Grahame but he has been able to walk and talk well enough to continue his service and fulfill his life at this time.

Before self-isolating for COVID 19, Grahame used to walk to the shops and back daily, to have a coffee and read the newspaper, incorporating climbing a few flights of stairs for exercise. Pre COVID 19 life also saw Grahame heavily involved in setting up Lions Club events in the community.

A friend told Grahame it was all downhill after 80. But Grahame’s advice for the over 80’s is to enjoy every minute of your life while you can.

He says:

Don’t listen to people who tell you that you are unable to do this and that – don’t hold back.

Grahame’s advise for those under 80 comes from personal experience and reflections, particularly noting that he ignored the warning signs leading up to his stroke. His advice is to pay attention to your overall health, take heed of any warning signs and seek medical advice and tests before it’s too late!

Currently, Grahame is doing everything he can to maintain his health.

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