The wait time for Home Care Packages can be a long one and your needs might change during this time. If your circumstances have changed and you’ve noticed that your current Home Care Package isn’t providing enough support, you have the following options:

1. Request a new Assessment from My Aged Care

If your circumstances have changed, you can request a new Assessment from My Aged Care. This won’t affect your current place in the queue, but it may mean you get your Home Care Package quicker or that you’re approved for a higher level Package.

2. Ask for a High Priority Home Care Package

  • You need to demonstrate that you are not receiving enough care for your needs. If you have a Home Care Package are you using all the funds? Does your Care Plan record any equipment you need that you might be saving for?
  • Are you happy to receive ‘top up’ services through Community Care? That means paying a small amount to receive some extra help through the Commonwealth Home Support Program. This shows that you need help.
  • If you can afford it, are you prepared to pay privately for extra support while you’re waiting for a higher level of subsidies from the government.

Where do you start?

There are two ways to request a higher priority in the allocation of a Home Care Package or to receive a higher level Home Care Package.

  1. If you have an existing Home Care Package – request your Care Manager to speak to My Aged Care on your behalf. Your Care Manager should be advocating on your behalf to get you the care you need to stay safely at home. If you’re not getting the service and attention you need from your Care Manager consider an alternative provider.
  2. If you are waiting on a Home Care Package – contact your original assessor, if you’ve lost their number call My Aged Care directly on 1800 200 422 to arrange another assessment. But make sure you’re prepared for this call! Make a note of what’s changed since your last assessment and what services you think you need and when. Speak plainly and honestly about your situation. If you need support to do this, engage a trusted friend or relative to speak on your behalf.

The biggest point to remember is that if your situation means you need more care then you can ask for it. A good Home Care provider will help you access the care and services you need. And always remember the power rests with you, if you’re not happy with your Home Care provider you can change.

While you wait, you can pay privately for care

You can pay privately for care while you’re waiting for your Home Care Package funding.

There is a government supported program that can help you access equity in your house to pay for care. It’s called the Pension Loans Scheme.

Many banks also offer equity release to help support you to remain in your home. It’s a good idea to get specific financial advice from someone experienced in Aged Care. We can connect you with someone that can help.

Have your needs changed so much that you’re considering an Aged Care Home?

You may need to find an Aged Care Home. This is one choice you can’t afford to get wrong.

CareAbout has a professional Aged Care Home Placement Service with experts who will work for you to get the best possible outcome for your needs and your budget. CareAbout Advocates work for you and your family. We do not have a financial relationship with any Aged Care Home. We only recommend homes based on your needs and budget. We tour homes with you and ask all the tricky questions and even negotiate the fees.

If you’d like to talk more about how CareAbout can help you and your family. Contact CareAbout Today!