Arab Australians generally refer to those people who originated in parts of the Middle East and North Africa.

The number of Arabic-speaking people in Australia has grown in recent years with over 320,000 Arabic speakers, and it is now the third most spoken language in Australia. Of these, people born in Lebanon are the most common, making up 24% of the Arabic-speaking population. It is uncommon for the older Arabic population to speak English, due to social isolation and limited time outside their Arabic communities.

Many Arabic people migrated to Australia as refugees or displaced persons following war.

Accessing Aged Care services in Arabic

The My Aged Care website is the main entry point for Aged Care services in Australia. My Aged Care has all of their information available in Arabic.

During any phone conversations, or assessments through My Aged Care, you are also able to request to have a translator.

Culturally appropriate Home Care services

If you have a Home Care Package, or are paying for your Home Care privately, finding a provider and carers that you and your family feel comfortable around is important. Home Care staff who understand your cultural customs, beliefs, rituals and preferences will be able to provide better care than a provider who does not understand these.

However, with such a large Arabic community in Australia, there is high demand for Arabic care workers and depending on your area, you may have to wait for availability. Having regular and consistent Home Care, even if it doesn’t match your cultural preferences, is better than having none at all.

Finding Arabic Carers

Given Arabic Australians don’t commonly speak English, or migrate outside their own communities, it is likely that finding Arabic speaking carers is very important. For older people, familiarity becomes of great importance, especially for those who have dementia or are experiencing other cognitive decline. Feeling comfortable in your own home is vital. Having carers who understand and share your culture can make a huge difference to the enjoyment and success of Home Care.

It isn’t always easy to find providers who have carers available that meet your cultural preferences and foreign-speaking carers area often in high demand. Get in touch with CareAbout today to see if we can find you an Arabic-speaking provider in your area.