Home is the place where we’re surrounded by all of the things we love; home is where the heart is! But what do you do when living at home isn’t as safe and easy as it once was?

In the past, the only option for many people was to move into a nursing home. Thinking of leaving the place where you’re the most comfortable can be really traumatic and many people say that it’s a bit frightening and overwhelming. Because of this, many people ignore lots of the little signs that indicate they’re starting to need some extra help with their daily activities.

Thankfully, nursing homes are no longer the only option! Home Care, where you or your loved one can receive care and services at home, is becoming increasingly popular and it’s easier than ever to access!

What is Home Care?

Home Care, also known as in-home care or home care assistance, is an Aged Care service where you can receive regular and ongoing help in your very own home. Getting assistance in your home, rather than being forced to move out of your home, is often the best option for people as they age and has been found to prolong overall health and wellness when compared to a nursing home.

Home Care vs. Council Services

Council services, also known as the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP), offer entry-level support only and are great as an interim option, but not really suitable as your needs grow.

Another drawback with CHSP services is that you don’t get to choose your services or your provider, like you do with a Home Care Package. Often, the CHSP providers in your area won’t have availability for the services you’ve been approved for and you’ll have to wait, or go without. With a Home Care Package, you can choose any provider you want and you’re not limited to those selected by your local government.

Home Care vs. Nursing Homes

Nursing Homes are sometimes the only option if you need full time care, or if your needs are complex. They are generally not the first choice, as they require you to move out of your home – and often require you to sell your home and other assets.

Nursing Homes get a bad reputation but there are many out there that are high quality and put their residents first! However, if you are well enough to avoid moving into a Nursing Home, regular Home Care services are the best option to keep you living safely in your own home for as long as possible!

Benefits of home care services

There are many benefits of home care services! Being able to stay in your own home, where you’re the most comfortable and where everything is familiar, is incredibly important, as long as it is safe.

1. Staying where you love

Being in a place that you know and are surrounded by objects that are yours can make a huge difference to quality of life and to both physical and mental health.

If you or your loved one has dementia, it becomes even more important that the surroundings are familiar, as this decreases confusion and anxiety and can slow down cognitive decline.

2. Be around family and friends

In-home care can allow you to remain with your family – while taking pressure off them as carers.

You can be surrounded by a community of your loved ones, and have a regular carer come in once or multiple times a week to do some of the things that you can no longer do yourself, such as cleaning, gardening or the washing. 

3. Custom one-on-one care

With home care assistance, you get one-on-one care! You don’t have to wait for your allocated 15 minutes a day like you might have to if you were in an Aged Care Home.

You’ll have your very own carer who is dedicated to helping and you only. 

You’re able to request any home care service that you want! As long as it is one that will help to keep you living safely at home.

What home care services can I access?

There are a huge range of home care services that you’re able to access! Some of the most common ones are:

Paying for Home Care

You can pay for Home Care privately, with government subsidies, or with a combination of the two.

The ultimate solution? A Home Care Package!

The very best Home Care option and the one that will offer regular and long-term support, is a Home Care Package. A Home Care Package is a package of government funding that can be used for any services that will help you or your loved one to remain living safely at home.

The amount of funding available with a Home Care Package is incredibly generous and you can get up to $59,000 per year!

Home Care Packages are available to any Australia resident over the age of 65 (or over the age of 50 if you’re an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person). Learn more about how to apply for a Home Care Package.