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What is a Home Care Package?

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What is Home Care?

Home Care is receiving care in your own home. It’s the preferred option for most people, their families, and the federal government. That’s why generous subsidies are available for Home Care. Read on to learn about the many benefits of Home Care and the subsidies available to support you in your home.
What is a Home Care Package?

Home Care Fees & Charges

It is important to have an understanding of Home Care costs and fees as they may vary. Avoiding unnecessary fees can make a big difference to the number of care hours you can access each week. This article explains the different subsidies and types of Home Care funding available, as well as a simple guide to the type of Home Care fees you may be asked to pay.
What is a Home Care Package?
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How CareAbout can help you access Home Care

How CareAbout helps It all starts with a phone call. When you contact CareAbout, we’ll guide you through the process of choosing a Home Care provider….

What is a Home Care Package?

4 Steps to accessing a Home Care Package

4 Steps to accessing Government Funding A Home Care Package is a financial package provided by the federal government. They are designed to make it…

What is a Home Care Package?

Making the most of your Home Care package

Making the most of your Home Care package If you are reading this, you have probably been assessed as eligible for a Home Care Package….

What is a Home Care Package?
Switch home care providers

How to switch your Home Care Provider

Step 1: Find a new Home Care provider To switch Home Care providers, do not cancel your existing provider until you have found a new…

What is a Home Care Package?
Let us help you find the right Aged Care Home for you
Understand your care needs
Create a shortlist of homes with vacancies
Negotiate Aged Care Fees
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How to start using your Home Care Package?

Know what services you need from your Home Care package Before you go too far down the track of searching for a home care provider, make…

What is a Home Care Package?

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