Australia is one of the more culturally diverse countries in the world and is home to a great many people of different ethnicities and backgrounds.

Finding culturally appropriate Aged Care for our diverse population is vital to ensure the services are as impactful as possible.

We still have a long way to go. The recent findings of the Royal Commission into Aged Care revealed that overall, Australian Aged Care services have not been meeting the needs of its culturally diverse customers.

What is CALD?

CALD stands for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse, and is a term that is commonly used to describe the wonderful array of ethnicities, languages, practices, beliefs, sexualities, socio-economic background, traditions, and many other differences of the variety of people that make up our communities.

CALD Aged Care in Australia

Australia is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. More than one third of Australians over 65 was born in a country other than Australia, and 1 in 5 were born in a non-English speaking country. Australians identify with more than 300 ancentries, and over 260 different languages are spoken by Australians. 

CALD also includes people who identify as LGBTI. More and more, My Aged Care services in Australia are putting in place guidelines and processes that meet the needs of people from the LGBTI community.

CALD Aged Care Guidelines

The Australian Government is committed to providing Aged Care services that meet the needs of the culturally rich population of Australia. The Aged Care Diversity Framework outlines plans and guidelines to ensure that all Australians are able to access Aged Care that is appropriate for their individual needs and experiences.

Some of the key actions in this Framework are:

  • Access to clear and relevant information so that all older Australians can make informed choices
  • Older Australians are actively included in planning and implementing Aged Care systems
  • Regardless of geographic location (rural, remote, metropolitan, regional), all Australians have accessible care and support that is appropriate to their individual characteristics and life experiences
  • A flexible Aged Care system that is able to respond to the current and changing needs of diverse groups, including its workforce
  • Aged Care services must be respectful and inclusive, meeting the needs of each specific older person, as well as their families, carers and other representatives
  • Regardless of an individual’s social, personal or economic vulnerabilities, they are able to access high quality and culturally safe aged care services that meet their specific needs

CALD Aged Care Services

Receiving Aged Care services that are culturally appropriate and allow you to feel respected, understood, and safe is vital. Many of Australia’s diverse aged care customers prefer to receive services at home, where they are most comfortable. However, if this is not possible, finding an Aged Care Home that meets your needs is just as important.

CALD Home Care

Finding My Aged Care services that meet the cultural and linguistic needs of care recipients is important and helps to improve the quality and comfortability of the services.

People who receive quality Home Care services and are able to remain in their own homes for longer have better quality of life than those who are required to move into Residential Aged Care. If Home Care services are not meeting the cultural needs and preferences of the customer, they are generally not well-received and health and wellness suffers as a result.

Feeling comfortable in your own home is so important, especially when you require external help. If you do not feel relaxed and safe around the care workers coming into your home, the experience is likely to cause excess stress and anxiety.

Different cultures have different rituals and practices, religious or spiritual beliefs, dietary requirements and language. Having care workers who speak the same language and know all of your cultural practices makes the Home Care experience much more seamless and pleasant.

The most frequently requested culturally-specific Home Care services are:

Home Care – Italian

Home Care – Vietnamese

Home Care – Greek

Home Care – Arabic

Home Care – Jewish

Home Care – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

CALD Aged Care Homes

Aged Care Homes in Australia aim to cater to all older Australians, regardless of their customers’ backgrounds. 

Many of Australia’s Aged Care Homes have a variety of employees who speak different languages. Finding a Home where one or more of their care workers speaks your native language is important. Having aged care workers who understand your culture and life experiences means that you’ll also be able to enjoy familiar foods, celebrations and access to events.

Finding a culturally appropriate provider isn’t always easy!

Despite the fact that Australia is rich with cultural diversity, it can sometimes be challenging to find an Aged Care provider who can meet your cultural needs.

Culturally diverse carers are highly sought after and often you may face a waiting period before a culturally appropriate carer is available.

Find a provider who meets your cultural needs

CareAbout works with providers who have carers from a wide range of cultures. If you are looking for a particular culturally-appropriate provider, speak with one of our expert Care Advisers today.